• Hello! I'm new to the board and I want everyones opinion! This is my little guy Diego, I rescued him from a rescue organization and want to know what you think, is he a purebred basenji? Does anyone see any breed in him besides basenji? I have never seen one in person but I have researched them a ton online. He has basenji characteristic like destructive, yodels, runs around like a crazy man.. so here are some pics!


  • and some more! sorry im a little obsessed with him!


  • Yeah…I think he is 🙂 Welcome!

  • What a cute little guy. I love the last pic.

  • thank you! the last pic was right after a bath, cuddled up in a towel 🙂

  • Yea, I would say he is a Basenji, looks like purebreed also but what about the curly tail, he has the white tip, but I have never seen one with a straight tail. Also for you to be so crazy about him, he has to be a Basenji, they are the sweetest things, and no other dog like him. Good Luck!:D 😃

  • hmm.. the tail is a good point. it curls when he's standing/walking but when he is sitting/laying it is straight.. i've never seen a basenji in person so i never really noticed this before..

  • Basenjis do straighten their tails when the relax, like when they lay down. There are many basenjis that have loose curled tails.

  • He looks basenji to me. Welcome to the forum!!

  • He is so sweet! Where in OHIO are you? We are always up for a play date if you want to see a basenji, other than your own.

  • I have to agree he has the beautiful look in his eyes and of couse the physical characteristics of a Basenji…welcome

  • What a sweet looking boy!! Definitely is Basenji-ish..whatever he is HE'S GOREGOUS!!! 😃 😃

  • He's cute. How old is he? He looks basenji to me. His tail looks loose in that one picture, but the other markings look basenji. Lucky you!

  • It is the chiseling (sp?) in the face that sold me…and the shape of the eyes. His tail certainly isn't too loose to be a B. The only thing that gave me a little pause was the shape of the ears.

  • He does look like a basenji BUT the shape of his head and the tail sort of look like a Beagle. The ears are basenji etc it's just the dome look of the top of his head and the shape of his eye and muzzle IMO looks sort of beaglish to me.

    So for what it's worth - sure looks like 'mostly basenji' - welcome

  • @dash:

    He is so sweet! Where in OHIO are you? We are always up for a play date if you want to see a basenji, other than your own.

    Dash- I would love to meet other basenjis and have Diego play with them! I live near cleveland (about an hour away) Is that anywhere near where you live?? I want to get another B but I'm not ready yet, so I would love to see how D plays with them!!

  • And for whoever asked he is about 2 1/2.. not positive bc he is a rescue guy.. thanks to everyone for commenting.. 🙂

  • we were going to try and go to see some b's in cable oh this weekend. She has some Lukuru dogs and Avongara. We are trying to learn more. Anyway, I will PM you. Maybe we can meet up next weekend. I think Quercus is up by Cleveland as well.

  • I would also say he's mostly Basenji if not pure. Perhaps a little corgie mixed in- the ears is what threw it for me. They are just a little larger and wider set than most of the B's I've seen, but they're not so off that he couldn't be purebred.


  • Welcome…this is a great place to learn and share - and have fun! He sure is cute!!

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