• Has anyone read or documented the top speed of a Basenji?

  • Fast enought to steal half my sandwich and run yesterday. She was being so good too, turn my back for 1 second and it’s gone.:eek:

  • Fast enough to eat a slice of pizza from four feet away

    I remember reading, oncer again they said they could run like 35 MPH?

    I would think lure coarse guys would get a radar gun and clock their dogs?

  • I also remember reading, greyhounds @ 45mph, basenji's @35mph.

  • I'm surprised no one here has used a radar gun to clock them???

  • I think they can do something like 100yrds in about 10 seconds! :eek:

  • All my neighbors want to clock Nala…no clue if it's been done. More than likely the lure coursers can tell you!

  • You have a beautiful pup. I've read that a Basenji can run 35mph sustained for a long distance.:)

  • First Basenji's

    I hope you all don't get too upset, but I found that my B will come to the sound of my ATV. Do understand I am not a yahoo wannabe cowgirl, but it did help in the early 'recal' of Buddy when he was out meeting the neighbors next 5 acres. Anyway, trust me I am careful. I watched him and make accomodations to the ride, anyway, we go for a mile around the horse trail for his exercise run every once in awhile, and he sustains 23 mph for at least 50 to 70 yards. He loves it, and do understand, when he catches up, I slow down. just an FYI on speed…

  • I know they clocked one of our Basenji runs at a race meet a few years ago. I think it was between 12 or 13 seconds for 200 yds. I'm not sure if it was our fastest bunch or not. Would love to see someone bring out a radar gun some day!

  • A breeder in Holland clocked his fastest B on a greyhound track: 35 mph = 55 km/h

  • Wow! I thought my boy was fast being able to do 32 km/h keeping up with the Quad. Apparently he needs to be conditioned some more!

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