• anybody ever heard of a basenji to try it?

  • What is dock dog???

  • [yt]V9cw0T9pJYo[/yt]

  • Ok, I understand now, I don't think we have this kind of activity here in France!
    Timbo did some dock jumping once, it was not intentional 😃 , probably chasing a bird, what I saw was him in the air and making a big splash in the pond, :eek: he didn't like it!!!!!

  • yep that's the response would expect to get from near all basenjis. seems basenjis + water do not go well together. However Jeff Schettler hunts with his Axeman, check the pic in the July/August The Basenji magazine. However Axeman does it to retrieve the fowl and not a rubber toy. Our Buddy loves to swim in the pool and beat the Arizona heat. He's got amazing speed in lure coursing. So we figure if we can get him over that first jump fear, he might be a fun to watch dock dog in the making.

  • Go for it! It is pretty out of character for a basenji…but if you have one that enjoys it, why not! People would certainly take notice!

  • Yeah Jeff is cool! I love what he does with his B's!

  • http://www.azbasenji.com/juniors/BuddySwimming.avi

    here he is getting out of the pool after a half hour swim. and he still shows his trait as a basenji for the distasteful water actually on him once he gets out of the water. he is so darn competitve in racing, we recently discovered that if we challenge him to race swimming he actually trys to outswim us. So if Dock Dog doesn't work out we may be in search of handler-dog tandem swim races. Yes it is hot in Arizona so please our brains are utterly fried.

  • Wow! Never thought I'd see that.
    Cute how he instantly has to start drying himself off.
    BTW, he's gorgeous!

  • yep he's a keeper, what you missed was the basenji 500 he does after he licks himself a bit. he runs around the yard, then to the pool and stands over the water looking at it intently right up to the edge with his nose almost in the water, then runs around again, back to the water, and so forth.

    we haven't exactly figured out why he goes back to the water. but applying humanistic thought, maybe its "Ha Ha Ha water I beat you, come on take your best shot" or maybe it's a "I really want to do this again, but oh and here I just licked my hair and I don't want to get it wet again"

    The strangest thing is if our daughter Monica age three is splashing on the steps, Buddy will actually get into the water on a step and stand next to her and lick the water off of her, even though he is getting wet from her splashes. It's like he just wants to make sure she will be OK.

  • I found another swimming basenji.

  • There is a basenji who lives in Monterey, CA that boogie boards and body surfs. He is also training to do dock diving.


  • I have seen this competition, I think it was on Animal Planet. I didn't know it was called Dock Dog . . . I was flipping channels when it caught my eye. Looks like the dogs LOVE it! I liked watching them have fun - so eager! Unfortunately, I have dial-up internet here at home . . . soooo slowwww. I'll have to log on at work to watch the whole YouTube clip. But I got the idea - even though I waited, walked away, waited more and only got 1/8th the clip.

  • Dock Dogs was here in Chesapeake,VA today for Bark in the Park, it was very cool.

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