• Hi All,

    I was wondering if it is recommended or not recommended to buy a large crate to house two basenjis (a boy and a girl) or is it just better to put two separate crates next to each other? Does anyone have experience doing this?


  • It is not recommened to crate two dogs in the same crate.

  • I myself would not crate two dogs of any kind together. There is always that what if happens. Yes two crates for sure.

    Rita Jean

  • I crate Tayda and Lenny together and they would not have it any other way! I have them in an extra large crate and usually they are sitting on top of each other - using about 5% of the space in the crate.

  • Some are just fine, two in a crate….. UNTIL is isn't... then you can have a real blood bath... so that is usually the reason that it is recommended that each have a separate crate....

    Same principle as having two females and/or two males.... it works fine, UNTIL it doesn't

  • I have heard this too and tried to separate Tayda and Lenny - even keeping them in the big crate but using a divider…. and they just go nuts without each other.

  • It works until it doesn't or the other issue some people end up with is the dogs become so dependent on one another they don't know how to function apart. This usually becomes an issue when one becomes ill and needs to be at the vet.

  • ok i'm thinking about separating them now…. will report back...

  • I crate mine together and will continue to do so…. BUT, some of you may recall that Keoki has "issues", and is totally dependent on Jazz for security in the crates. We fought it for nine months --separate crates near one another, separate crates open in an ex-pen, no crates in an ex-pen, etc. -- but the only thing that calmed him was the single large crate. he was tearing up bedding, crates, and his face.
    It's very large and they each have ample room. They each have their own dog bed with a few inches between. Sometimes they sleep snuggled up, sometimes they snark if the other gets too close, but that's it. Same behavior as when they are loose and on the big dog bed in the living room or in their chairs.

  • @Tayda_Lenny:

    they just go nuts without each other.

    Guuuuuuh do I know what you mean. Zip may have kennel cough so we just crated them separately in hopes Riley wouldn't get it (he probably will anyway). We went to a Braves game, were gone 5 hours.
    They're usually crated together. My comment before walking into the room (about Riley):

    "I bet we'll find some things in shreds"

    The poo and the puke everywhere was just the extra touch. And we couldn't find the damn Nature's Miracle.
    Zip's crate was immaculate.

    Well, I guess we won't do that again. And I hope there won't be too many circumstances in which we have to.

  • I crated my Basenji and Doberman together and they were GREAT. Always. When we rescued Miles, we didn't know how they'd do crated together. (We only have Lexi and Miles now) So we have two separate crates next to each other. They seem fine, but personally I'd like to have it be just one big crate. I liked seeing the bond between dogs grow. There seemed to be a sense of trust to be that close. That is the direction I'd like to move in, but in ANY relationship, there's always that calculated risk.

  • our basenji & jack russell are quite happy together in the crate..

  • @mauigirl:

    Zip may have kennel cough so we just crated them separately in hopes Riley wouldn't get it (he probably will anyway).

    Why not get the kennel cough vaccine for Riley before it happens? Or do you think it's already too late? It's a nasal spray that's good for six months.

  • This was over months ago! Zip coughed for a day and a half and that was it. We canceled the vet visit. She hasn't coughed since. I'm not too concerned about it.

  • Oh…duh. guess I need to look at posting dates. :o

  • I only crate the ones together who I know will never fall out. Mine travel in a single large purpose built crate in the car although they are not crated together at home. (to tell you the truth mine only go in their home crates to be fed). Otherwise they just lie about the house together and mostly piled one on the other!!!!

    I think the answer is that you have to know your Basenjis!

  • I know this post is old, but its always good to have lots of different answers when researching anything on the forum.
    Mine crate together. I have 2 separate crates in case one is sick or in case they start to not get along in the crate together (like I thought would happen when Callie went into season). However, when I first brought Callie home, she was used to being crated with one of her littermates, so she did not like being crated alone. She escaped almost every day & destroyed my blinds (thank goodness that was all!). I started crating her with Lola, and although Lola gets testy when Callie won't settle down quickly, they both do very well crated together when I'm not home & when in the car. I can still crate them separately, but they prefer to be together so they can cuddle together & stay warm. I do always keep in mind though, it could go horribly wrong sometime when I'm not around. Its a calculated risk I take, but thus far it works out well as I have a small car and am forced to crate them together when we go anywhere.

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