• So I have an interesting story to tell. We have had our new "B" Cleo for about a month now. Other then a little bit of whining here and there she usually doesn't make a sound. She does seem to muster up a semi bark when there is a strange person knocking on the door. I think she is trying to protect us, lol 🙂

    Well last night something new happened. Me and my boyfriend went to bed and closed the door to the bedroom. She has the rest of the condo to herself. Quick side note, my boyfriend is a police officer. So as soon as we turned the lights our she started to bark. We knew something must have been wrong. We both jumped out of bed and my boyfriend grabbed his gun (thats what police offiicers do). As soon as we got to the living room we heard a loud argument. Seconds later we heard the guy yelling that he was going to shoot the other person and that he had a gun. I called 911 and they were already on their way. I boyfriend never got involved but it was kinda a scary situation. Thanks to Cleo we knew about before it even escalated.

    After that they took the guy away and we went back to bed. Not more then a min later Cleo barked again. We jumped out of bed once again, lol. We take her making noise very seriously, because she doesn't make noise unless something is wrong. Nothing was wrong this time, but we forgot to lock the door after the whole situation was over. I guess she just wanted to make sure we were safe. I gave her lots of praise for being such a good dog. She really makes me feel safe now.

    I made a joke "I guess she is like the modern day lassie. Timmy didn't fall down the well, but some guy is going to pop a cap in someones ass outside, lol"

    P.S. I live in an extremely safe neighborhood. Nothing like that even happens, its usually really quiet. The most exciting things that happen are skateboarders running around, and that about it.

  • When I lived in the city I learned there is never a 'safe' neighbourhood. In the ritziest part of town the mob boss was gunned down on his front door step in front of his family. In the middle class neighbourhood a guy shot his wife, child, and then himself. Never say never!

  • Good dog, Cleo! Wow! That must have been scary for all…

  • Interesting story and very freaky! Good dog Cleo!

  • Great Story! You're very lucky to have such an insightful dog!

  • Makes me think of a new verse to the Cop's theme song

    "Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when the B comes for you"! LOL!

    Good job Cleo!

    Did she get a special reward?

  • Yes, she got lots of extra love and a treat. It was late so there wasn't too much time to celebrate late night. But I plan a special dinner for her tonight with and extra special long walk too.

  • Great story…good dog cleo...kudos to her..

  • Too funny…I love her version of Lassie LOL ROFL!!! Good job Cleo!!

  • Back in 1983 I was moving out of an apartment in a triplex that was fenced all the way around. At that time I had an 8 year old Tri color. She was a no nonsense Basenji that took nothing from any dog or person. A friend wanted to stop by, when I wasn't home and look at the place to see if it was something he wanted to move into. He told me the dog would not even let him enter the yard. He said the dog scared him. GOOOOOD dog!!

  • @Arizonaskyy:

    I made a joke "I guess she is like the modern day lassie. Timmy didn't fall down the well, but some guy is going to pop a cap in someones ass outside, lol"

    That's excellent.😃 😃 😃 😃 😃

    Must be something about the name Cleo. We have one by that name and I doubt anyone could sneak in with her around.

    Good stuff, thanks for sharing.

  • One time my daughter had a friend over. While they were playing in my basement our female basenji comes running in the family room squeeking like she never has before, running around all antsy, like Lassie did (except no barking). She leads me to the front window and I see a bunch of strange kids walking in the middle of the street.
    I go back & sit down thinking "yeah so what?". A few minutes later the visiting kid has to go home and discovers his bike that was near or garage has been stolen!

    I remember the kids and call his dad and tell him the story. He gets in his car and drives around in the direction the kids were headed. He spots them with his son's bike, they take off, but he was able to follow them back to an apartment building were they lived. He goes and starts talking to the moms. The theif had a specific basketball jersey on, so they figure out who it was. The mom finds the kid, returns the bike, them proceeds to wail on the kid!

    Her puppy name was - you guessed it - Cleo!

  • that is crazy! Cleo…..

    were all of the Cleos' tris?

    they say certain colors have distinctive temperments....

  • Mine is actually a red. But she is also a mix. I am still trying to figure out what she is mixed with, lol.

  • awesome story!!

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