Link to Cooper Photos

Here's a link to Cooper's photo album. You can see him filling out from an 8 month old stray to a full adult. And you can see him going through several generations of AKC toys.


Are there stripes in his brown cheeks?

He does look like a trindle, doesn't he?

Those are some great photos. Love the male bonding!!! My B mix girl bonds like that with her daddy. They love to be in the recliner together.

Basenji Mix

Cooper IS gorgeous! Kudos to you for rescuing him. I don't understand the mind of someone who would mame an animal. The tail is practically the "tell-tale" sign of breed identity. But, Cooper looks all Basenji to me too.


Are there stripes in his brown cheeks?

Or is he a Fula Tri?

Great pics….and such a beautiful basenji 🙂

Thanks for the nice comments. I'm learning a lot from the discussions on his looks!

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