Kobey…. Is growing up

Taken today… so, 5 1/2 months old....

yup, they grow up fast dont they? how much does he weigh?

You know, I don't know off hand… he is going to get his Rabies shot this week so will know then.... but if I had to guess it would be about 18lbs to 20 lbs....

He's looking great, Pat! And great centerfold of your dogs in the recent BCOA Bulletin, too. Looks good!

Very nice boy 🙂

Baroootiful!! I always thought I would get another red and white after Max. And that is what I was looking for after he was put to sleep last year. But it worked out that the two that needed me to adopt them were tris. And now my favorite is tri.

Wow. He look so much more mature that Keoki, who at 5 12/ mos, just looks like a big dork. LOL Beautiful, but goofy, you know?

Kobey is gorgeous!

Thanks, but this was a "moment" of "grown up" did last long….gggg He is pretty goofy.... too!

Goofy or not, he's a handsome Tri-Boy.;)

Very nice Pat….....I want one.:D

he is beautiful! He looks full grown…Cairo is 6months and still is a good 4 inches shorter than my adult male.....

I would be curious to hear how much he weighs as well...

He's gorgeous Pat! Love the tail! Love lots of other stuff too!!


He's gorgeous Pat! Love the tail! Love lots of other stuff too!!

He is a nice boy… there are things that I love about him... (temperament at the top of the list)... and things I would change, but overall a nice boy....

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