• Hi everyone! I'm Michelle and I've just adopted our new baby Roux! My hubs and I are new to the breed, but so far, BEST PUPPY EVER! ❤ ❤ ❤ We live in Taipei, Taiwan where there are only 17 adult Basenji and we're excited to have one of the pups from this winter!
    Thank you for the opportunity to join your community!
    If you feel like following our little family, we're on IG @coconutroux 🙂


  • Welcome to the Forum! Please tell us about your basenji! Roux is ADORABLE!🥰🐾

  • @roux - Welcome to the forum, would love to know the name of your baby's sire and dam. Even if born in Taiwan, many Basenjis have been exported around the world. Enjoy your bundle of joy!

  • @tanza so would I! Do tell us who the parents of that cute little number are ?

  • @roux He is very adorable! Enjoy him. He will be into everything as he grows, so you value something, put it waaaaay up high or behind closed doors!! Enjoy the fun, frustration and tears and laughter through out Roux's life!! I would love to have a puppy again.........not

  • @roux Oh I miss my puppies so much. Wasn’t really prepared for how hard it would be. Yours is about the same age. Super beautiful cute pup. I’m seeing a girl. Am I wrong? Puppies are much work, but I’ve learned that if you’re committed and consistently you’ll help create a well mannered Basenji. Welcome both! And of course… MORE PICTURES PLEASE! 👊😁👍

  • @tanza @Zande
    Thanks for the warm welcome!
    Her pedigree is hard to read but I'll try my best LOL
    Sire looks like Belaxe Chinatop Thunder, and there's some code next to his name: TWN.CH/19, CKU-43452223/18, KCT BJ 00006/18
    Dam looks like Dietburg of Fei Jack FCI, with code: KCT BJ 00004/18
    If y'all would have some insight to what all that code means, I'd love to know!
    Further back includes dogs from Klassic, Herminia, Adebanke, La Reina, Kazor, Bupe, Fogo, and All Square. Anyone familiar?
    I'm so excited to be among those in the know! There's so few basenji people here they mistake her for a number of other breeds LOL

  • @kembe @JENGOSMonkey @basenjimom2
    Yep she's a girl and so very sweet!
    I've raised a few other breeds and I have to say I've been completely won over! She's def difficult to train, losing interest quickly unless I have the most delicious of treats, but even with shorter sessions, she's learned sit, shake, down, bang (fall over), and wait (about 5 seconds so far) and she's just 4 months! Also completely housebroken though there's an occasional accident that's mostly our fault for not paying attention to her communication, which is very quiet. Compared to my ex-roomie's rottie or even my mom's poodle, that's fast!
    She's very good at reading faces and voices and even comforted my godson when he fell down and was crying! I'm getting used to having her constantly sit on my foot while I'm cooking or working at my desk, and she's actually very responsive when being naughty and told no. My husband's favorite time is most evenings after playtime when she curls up on my husband's belly while he watches TV ❤
    Is this how all basenji are? I'm hooked LOL

  • @roux Go to my Basenji pedigree website. You will find almost all the ancestors listed there.


    Certainly I am familiar with all these - Klassic, Herminia, Adebanke, La Reina, Kazor, Bupe, Fogo, and All Square.

    Some that you quote are kennel names. Some are individual dogs. Bupe is certainly Bupe Itapuca, born in Brazil (bred by Savio Steele) and living in Russia. Fogo, I would bet, is Fogo Itury Puzzle Itapuca from the same kennel but also in Russia. Herminia Itapuca is from the same kennel, and shares a sire with many Adebanke's. Which gives you that tie-in.

    I don't have the parents - but Dietburg of Fei Jack FCI - the FCI indicates she is from a kennel which includes FCI in the name of the dogs. If you can give me HER parents, I can check it for you. Polish bred dogs very often have this inclusion.

    I have two Belaxe in the database which have appeared in China. Both are from a litter by Fogo out of Herminia. Chinatop Thunder MIGHT be a littermate and if you think he is, I will add him immediately.

    The coding you refer to is / are registration numbers from different countries.

    Post me privately if you'd like to. My email addresses are in the websites in my signature block.

  • @zande @tanza
    Here's a photo of the back of her pedigree:
    I'm impressed that there's an international database! I did indeed find her dam's parents and further, but not everyone on her sire's side 🙂
    How do I go about registering Roux in your database?
    Thanks again for all the help!

  • This is great ! I will try to enlarge it and make sure I read it and add Roux and the parents this morning. I normally re-index nightly so it should all appear later. I don't think it is Dietburg of Fei - I think it is FCI (Fci).

    Leave it with me. Sadly, I am not sure I can approach the breeders of her sire and dam for more information. Under normal circumstances I wouldn't hesitate.

    Dad is obviously a half-brother to the two Belaxes I have already. His registration number ending in /18 indicates he was born either late 2017 and registered in 2018 or he was born and registered in 2018. Are you in touch with his breeder and could you ask about siblings ? I have Antonio Almeida as the breeder of Belaxe Top Gun and
    Belaxe Top Model. The latter was sent back to USA. He might be able to confirm the name of Mom.

  • @roux said in Hello from Taipei, Taiwan!:

    How do I go about registering Roux in your database?

    I did it already and uploaded it. It is a fascinating pedigree. I see she also has FCI (Federation Canine Internationale - or something like that !) in her name so expect Mom was also bred somewhere near China ? Therefore, forget any reference to Poland in this instance.

    Can you confirm her country of birth so I can add it to her entry and her mother's. The similar registrations (KCT) indicate they are the same. We can change Mom's name very easily if we find we have read it incorrectly. Her parents now have registration numbers !

    Please try to get photos of the parents if you can and persuade the breeder to tell you of siblings.

    Going back to your descriptions of her behaviour - there is nothing there that I have not witnessed over and over again or which doesn't go on in my house right now ! Roux is a very well balanced, typical Basenji Madame !

  • @zande
    Wow this is wonderful! I had no idea this was such a small world!
    Unfortunately, I'm only in touch with the breeder of Roux here who owns Belaxe Chinatop and Dietburg, and he imported them. I can ask about their siblings, but I'm not sure how much info I'll get! Any specific questions? I'll have to translate into Chinese for him.
    Fei might be just Fei because in Chinese it probably means to fly 😃
    I can indeed confirm that Roux was born here in Taiwan, and I found that KCT means Kennel Club of Taiwan!
    Here're Roux's parents:

  • @roux The world of Basenjis is tiny ! So many of us know each other or are related through our Basenjis. Such a shame that so many are missing from the database - I guess some folks are just not interested in where their pets come from or in details of their parents.

    Not sure that I could use that particular picture in view of what is going on ! Individual pictures of the parents would be great.

    What I would like from Roux's breeder, as I have her parents, is confirmation of Mom's name, and the registered names of any brothers and sisters.

    Registered names of Dad's AND Mom's brothers and sisters too.

  • @zande
    LOL you know I only realized what's going on in the photo when I saw it blown up on this much bigger screen! HAHAHA so sorry I subjected y'all to that!
    I'll see what I can get from the breeder! 😃

  • @roux - Klassic & Kazor are in my C-Me's pedigree. Her registered name is GCH DC Klassic-Tanza Color Me Tri.

  • @tanza
    I'm realizing exactly as @Zande said, the basenji world is tiny!

  • @roux - That is so true, we are family! Again Welcome... you can see some of the Tanza kids at my website, link below.

  • @zande
    So the breeder got back to me and it turns out he kept all three of her siblings for himself! I guess that's a good thing? I got the pick of the litter LOL
    Here are Roux's siblings:


    He said he's only got the parents', and not their siblings' information, but he'll email their breeders about that. He'll get back to me with photos of the parents when he gets back to his computer 🙂
    I searched for Roux and she's on there! This is so cool! I need to pose her very professionally for her database picture 😆

  • @roux Great ! I had car problems today but will enter them tomorrow and its wonderful that he will provide photos etc !

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