• Ellie is 20 months old and was born in the spring (outside of the usual UK autumn/winter season).

    Her first heat cycle was at 6 months old in the usual autumn/winter season, then she had a partial cycle in the spring and a third cycle and the end of October 21 at the usual time.

    After the second partial cycle she showed some false pregnancy signs but it didn't feel like a real problem for her. This time she is showing them again but she is a lot more distressed - running around crying very frequently, lots of digging and attaching herself to a stuffed toy.

    We hadn't yet made a decision about spaying but in any case didn't want to do it until she was fully mature. However, it's not nice to see her this distressed and just wondering if we should be reconsidering for this reason? I understand it shouldn't be done while she is still experiencing these symptoms.


  • It sounds as if she is "nesting"...

  • Tough topic, Jane. We can't even agree on this one in the same household. šŸ˜§

  • It is a difficult one - as you know, I am rabid against spaying at all - but I also realise the distress it must be causing you. However, I am pretty certain that no vet would commit surgery on a dog who was displaying signs of a false pregnancy 'externally' as it is also possible things are going on inside to do with this condition. Talk to your vet and see if there is some calming medication she can have until this blows over.

  • @jkent - My Franie has phantom pregnancy, but hers comes to light about 60 to 70 days after her cycle which would be after she would have had babies (and she has never been bred). She attaches herself to ONE toy and only when she is this the cycle. She carries it around, crying, digging, and she will put the toy to bed in her crate and then come sleep in bed.. LOL! She knows exactly were this "baby is" every year... and this has been going on for 12 years... LOL. She put this baby away until the next year (in the toy box). This lasts for about two weeks, give or take.

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