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    After beginning estrus in early August, Piggy bled for almost a month. Now her nipples are engorged. She was never near un-neutered male dogs but I did take her to a dog-sitter for a weekend and she told me the same information. I am starting to wonder if the dog-sitter, who came highly recommended, has lied to me. How significant will the nipples swell with a hysterical pregnancy? Will the abdomen become tighter? The visit with the sitter was a month ago, if she was impregnated, when would I be able to feel fetuses? She does not seem to be acting any different. Anyone have any thoughts on real pregnancy vs. false pregnancy? I think I am just being paranoid but I am starting to wonder if I should start feeding her more just in case….

  • Best bet take her to the vet right away. She can be in false pregnancy.

  • Is there any risk with false pregnancy? Most readings say that hormones to stop or lessen false pregnancy can be harmful. Is going to the vet going to change anything or tell me anything I don't know? I don't want an x-ray, I would just deal with it if in a few weeks she obviously is pregnant.

  • Many B will go through false pregnacy and yes, many ever get milk…. I would not feed her more, as even if she was with pups, you don't increase food till the last two weeks.. that is when the pups grow the most... and the bitch needs extra. The Vet can do an ultrasound... but I would bet that this is just a false pregnacy

  • Thanks, Pat. You're such a smarty pants!

    -Jordan and Piggs

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