• Librarian Sparkle 👓

    Princess Sparkle in Glasses (Medium).png

  • She looks very intelligent and sophisticated!❤👍🐾

  • So... it's show off time. I am SO proud of Princess Sparkle aka Astarte's Sparkle Perfect. We drove her down to Santa Barbara Kennel Club Show this last weekend. She was shown four times. Our goal was to see if we could facilitate enough points for a Grand Championship. She had 15 going into the weekend and needed 10 more. Despite us spoiling her, her not showing for many many months, her being a bit nervous (me too), she was able to score three Best of Opposites and one Select. I'm pretty sure that she's won seven Majors, which is so cool! She is now a... Grand Champion.

    She get's to retire now. She'll be three this December and IF she has a heat this fall (normally September, but I'm betting November since she came in May for the first time) she may be bred. I'm SO proud of her!

    I was able to hang out with the Central Coast Basenji Fanciers. What an absolute great group of people! We were ALL competing against one another, yet the comradery and friendship was unmistakable. People were helping one another, trimming tails together, practicing with dogs on tables together, staging dogs for competition, etc. These guys are a GREAT Basenji club. We joined and wouldn't ya know... they accepted us! We met some really great people too (thanks, @tanza). Jeff and Ty are great people. Joy is gorgeous.

    Princess Sparkle the GRAND CHAMPION is going to retire now. We're going to focus on spoiling her further and... puppies! Not entirely sure what Stella has in mind, but whatever it takes... we'll make it happen.

    Did I mention... Sparkle is a GRAND CHAMPION!!


  • Congratulations! ✨Sparkle 🌟- GRAND CHAMPION! 💐 🎉 ⭐

  • @jengosmonkey - Congrats! Nice picture of Sparkle and in fromt is Jeff with our Joy. Joy is also a new Grand Champion, she needed one point to finish and got that on Thursday.

  • YAY!!! WTG Princess Sparkle! 😍 How awesome!

  • We received Sparkle's official GCH photo from Santa Barbara and I forgot to post it. Here it is...

    Grand Champ SB (Medium).jpg

  • @jengosmonkey
    Wow! She is Gorgeous ! Absolutely STUNNING!🥰🐾✨

  • Congratulations!

  • @jengosmonkey - She looks wonderful, congrats!

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