The Pampered Princess

Im feeling very ill today so its on the sofa with a blankie and a basenji to keep me warm. Just got these pictures of the princess 😃

She killed a feather:

Pestering for attention:

And finally snuggling down for a sleep, excuse the bum shot!

Fidgetty madam decided to go onto her bed:

And me making a fool of her:

Very cute photos..sorry your feeling ill.

LOL. That's funny with the feather. My Benji is TERRIFIED of feathers. If we are out walking and he comes across one he literally jumps 10 feet backwards in the air 😃

Hope you feel better soon 🙂

In our house, the feathers are staying IN the bird room. 🙂 Fortunately, Kipawa is not interested in our parrots at all - perhaps of the incredible screeching they do when he looks in the room at them through the french doors.

I hope you feel better soon. But you can't have a better companion when you are feeling sick than a basenji wrapped up in a blanket.

She is so very cute, and how kind of her to keep you company when you are feeling ill.
Hope you feel better soon.

I'm always amazed how Basenjis sense when you're ill and use the healing technique of keeping close.

I had a very nasty fall once and was knocked unconscious - I came to to find the Basenjis positioned all round me lying as close to me as possible.

LOvely pictures again, Jess.

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