• My girl is 13 1/2 years and in very good physical condition according to my vet. This year she has become quite the whiner - whines to go outside, whines because I didn't go outside with her, whines to go to bed, whines because I didn't go to bed with her, whines for treats, whines because I didn't give her enough treats. Is this typcial of older basenjis ? She seems to want to be near/under me all the time - when younger it was just the opposite.

  • @wizard
    Mine is 15.7 years old and she is my shadow - sticks to me like glue. She only started doing this in the past year. I don’t know if it’s common w/ elderly dogs.

  • @wizard
    Could be early sign of CCD (Canine Cognitive Dysfunction; also known as doggie alzheimer’s. My ol guy is 16.5 and has CCD. Thankfully he doesn't whine, or bark! Dogs that bark, just keep barking, and barking for no reason. Have you had her checked out by a vet just to make that there is nothing truly wrong? There is a Facebook group for CCD and you just ask to join. Lots of truly compassionate people as everybody is going through the samething. Some are in the early stages, some, some where in the middle, and other's that the end is near and not sure how to handle it. I AM NOT saying that this is what is wrong your gal, so please don't get mad at me. Yes, dogs will whine and it is all part of the aging process for older dogs. Its heartbreaking to watch. Supplements can help, but no cure. It needs to run its course. I just pray that this is not the case for you and your pup. She sounds like she's getting clingy, and that's ok.

  • @basenjimom2
    Yes, my B has been diagnosed with Cognitive Canine Disorder (doggie dementia) this past February. She was put on Senilife and 2 Chinese Herbal medications (my vet also practices Eastern medicine) - which have provided some improvement (reduced the pacing and she is much more alert). She constantly follows me but luckily I don’t experience the whining. Her eyesight and her hearing are also failing (which also might be a reason she wants to be near me). Overall, she is cognitively better now than she was 7-8 months ago.

  • @basenjimom2 Yes I wondered if that (CCD) mght be happening.

  • CARA has begun whining a lot and very vocal but it happened within a week after cutting her prozac dose. So we are pretty certain that's why. However she is so much happier and so much more active so being vocal is a good thing. I do believe that she has some visual issues and she's only 11 1⁄2 . So we were going to have them checked. She has super high lipids so switching to low fat and fish oil. But you might want to get the eyes checked. Cara has some small fatty deposits that I can see.

  • @wizard Cara has always been clingy so I can't speak to that. But she certainly has become more vocal the older she gets even before we cut the prozac, though after oh my god she never shuts up. I am very sorry your girl is going through some changes. Hopefully you can sort things out.

  • @wizard - My elders have never become clinging.. but then I had more than one... at the one time that only one senior was at home she was not clinging... but she was also at the beginning stages of renal failure.... I brought to the home two new puppies and that cheered her up and she loved to snuggle with them and they with her.... until she looked at me one day and "said" I am ready to cross the bridge with your help".....

  • I have never had a clingy or a whining elder statesman either - but they certainly loved puppies and came back to almost puppyhood in their company. And almost all of them have come to me and told me their time had come and to please help them cross the bridge. They know when it is time and it is up to us to recognise the signs.

  • @zande
    Sally - I just hope I recognize the sign.🐾❤

  • @kembe you will

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