• Please read below regarding Blood donors for dogs. As noted in my other post about the bitch that need a transfusion.

    Premission to cross post:
    "It was mentioned the importance of blood donors. And it is so very important. I also speak from first hand experience. Many years ago before there was such a thing as a blood bank in the Lexington (KY) area, Brandy (my Doberman) needed emergency surgery to remove a 3+ lbs tumor.

    The surgery took place in the vet's office as there was not enough time to transport Brandy from Paris to Lexington to the ER clinic - the tumor had ruptured. He received 1,000 units of ringers and 400 units of blood donated on the spot by my vet's Ridgeback, Hodgie. Lea & I joked for years afterwards that they were now blood brothers 🙂

    Any way, here is a link to the blood bank in Lexington - http:/www.smallanimalemergency.com/pages/viewPage.php?id=6.

    I'm sure the various blood banks around the country have slightly different rules regarding the donors. Unfortunately our Basenjis are too small to be donors but perhaps if you have another larger breed in your home you might still consider being a blood donor. Lexington has a 50+ lbs weight limit in order to be a donor. I am aware there are some blood banks who do use dogs weighting slightly less but our B's still wouldn't be large enough.

    But please consider it. Pass the word along to your friends & neighbors. There are health benefits to becoming a donor. But the biggest benefit is the possibility of saving the life of someone very dear to their human(s)"

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