• Roflmao. Agreed.

  • Tanza like I said the best come from responable breeders. I have owned 4 basenjies all from non showing breeders. I check them out before I purchase and I have my puppy checked as soon as possible by my vet. Gonthier=Wagner Basenjis in Tere Haute In is a great breeder but they dont always breed every year. I pay about $850 to $1250 for a pure breed pup for a companion puppie.
    These breeders have good puppies for companion dogs.
    Tanza I have seen your dogs at shows and your show dogs and puppies are really among the best in the world. I would recomend you visited a ukc or a AKC event and seek out the basenjis that are being shown and talk to the owners and ask for recomadation for a breeder close and hope they are some.

    Not wanting to start a argument, some people just cant afford a Basenji of the quality that you breed and sell. With that said I always have my Basenjis fixed not to have puppies and I do not breed I only LOVE Basenjis

  • @tuckerbesosa
    just go on the internet and search Basenji for sale and it should help you find a reputable breeder that is associated with AKC or UKC Steve [removed private phone number]

  • @sakuhn62 - The place to find responsible breeders is basenji.org and there is a link to finding a breeder. These are people that are members of the National breed club interested in the betterment of the breed, breeding to the standard and most of all, temperament and health testing. Rarely do responsible breeders every make money and that is not their purpose..... they are lucky to break even.

  • @tuckerbesosa I’m on the East coast, but felt I needed to chime in here. The reason for the DNA testing is important to eventually stop the diseases from showing up in the line. It is VERY expensive to follow the protocols for a basenji afflicted with fanconi, which usually does not show up till later in life, but not always. Reputable breeders are in the business of making better basenjis, healthy basenjis. They care for their dogs till the day they pass away. They want to make sure their puppy/dog goes to a forever home, but will take their dog back for ANY reason it should fail in your home. This may not seem like a big deal, but it really is. Many breeders will offer, on occasion, adult dogs for a variety of reasons. A reputable breeder will do extensive interviews with a potential family. This is to get to know you, what you are looking for in a puppy, to ‘match’ you with the best basenji for your family. Our breeder had us fill out a questionnaire, e-mail, a telephone call, meet the breeder, before we ever saw a dog! We were looking for an older dog, they gave us several options, telling us which one they felt would fit best into our home. It’s an important relationship you have with your breeder. They will be there for questions, issues that may arise, offer advise, some will offer boarding (for a small fee) for their dogs, and most important, take back should the pup fail in your home for any reason. Buyer beware, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. If they are offering the dog at a low price, there is a reason, and NOT a good one. It means they are cutting corners. It’s an investment for 14-16 years (usually). You want those to be good healthy, quality years. If you are looking for a dog now, consider an adult dog. Most reputable breeders have waiting lists.

  • @rgk9ruler
    Well stated!👍

  • @rgk9ruler
    🎯 Spot on!

  • @TuckerBesosa
    @sakuhn62 said in Real Breeder:

    Not wanting to start a argument, some people just cant afford a Basenji of the quality that you breed and sell. With that said I always have my Basenjis fixed not to have puppies and I do not breed I only LOVE Basenjis

    I haven't met, known or run across a reputable AND responsible breeder who has a different price for a show puppy vs. a quality puppy vs. a companion puppy. In fact, many of these breeders state emphatically that there is ONE price for the puppies regardless.

    Here are some insights from Sarah Lindenbaum (longtime member of Basenji Rescue and Transport, aka BRaT):
    "A lot of potential puppy buyers panic when they see these figures because that's a lot of money. It's understandable to want to find a better bargain elsewhere, because after all, you're looking for a pet and not a show dog, right?

    Except that's probably the biggest myth out there about a responsibly breed dog--that you're paying for a fancy pedigree and show potential that you don't need. Breeders who participate in show typically keep just one or two puppies for show. The rest go straight to pet homes.

    What you're actually paying for is thorough health-testing of the mom and dad: Fanconi syndrome, PRA, hips / elbows, thryoid, and eyes. You're paying for extensive socialization that can last anywhere from 8-12 weeks so that your puppy comes home with the best temperament possible and acclimated to things like nail trims, teeth-brushing, and being handled by the vet. You're paying for routine puppy vet care. Also, you are paying for a support system that lasts the entire life of your puppy, which is 13-17 years on average. If you have questions about training, breed traits, spaying / neutering, etc., your breeder is going to be there to answer them so you're not left guessing. Your breeder will also take that dog back at any point during its life if there's ever any reason you have to rehome it. When our first basenji died in 2015 at age 17 -- her breeder was the first one I emailed about her death, and her words were such a comfort.

    Also, even if you can find a basenji for sale in the $900 range, by the time you pay for air shipping ($400-$500), you're back up to $1500 AND you're getting minimal or no health-testing, minimal or no socialization, minimal to no lifetime support, and so on.

    So, stick with the sure thing and wait for a responsibly bred basenji puppy to come available to you. "

  • @sakuhn62

    Check them out how? Unless they have generations of heart, hips, thyroid, clear fanconi etc...they are NOT good breeders.

    As for cost, you get a puppy with a pedigree containing no or limited genetic and health testing and your chances of paying far more for health issues are much greater. Also, sometimes breeders have older pups that didn't work out for showing they'll sell for less, or young adults ..nor btw do most litters have only show quality puppies.

    Good breeders breed for health, not just showing. In fact health is the most important.

  • I posted the statement below in response to another post and it is relevant here:

    *If you belong to Facebook please join the group "Basenji Puppies/Puppys/Puppy’s: Get Educated BEFORE you BUY". You will learn from the group posts and information why the two breeders mentioned above are not considered "reputable" as well as a whole raft of other breeders considered "disreputable". You will also learn what constitutes a reputable breeder. A non-refundable deposit is a red flag, not being able to locate sire and dame test results on OFA is another, contracts where the breeder does not accept full responsibility of their pups or dogs if something goes wrong or you can no longer take care of him/her. Reputable does not mean they have to be a show breeder but usually they are. Not all puppies are meant for the show ring but their breeder should be breeding to the standard as if they were.

    Here is the link:*

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