Nagging Question Needs an Answer

  • With Kito I have gone back to Resco clippers - he just lies in my arms and accepts it ! Its quick and easy. Mku gets the dremel.

  • Lick pad smeared with banana helps a lot. Distracted long enough to get used to it. Got all four paws clipped. Wife helps hold the lick pad vertically (stuck to a plate) as he lays on side. First had to train with high value treats to lay on side. Eventually won't need the pad.

  • @sanjibasenji Such contortions ! I sit with the dog sitting on my lap, firmly tucked under one arm, and snip or dremel away. The banana (or whatever 'special') comes when all the dogs are done.

  • @zande said in Nagging Question Needs an Answer:

    @sanjibasenji Such contortions ! I sit with the dog sitting on my lap, firmly tucked under one arm, and snip or dremel away. The banana (or whatever 'special' come when all the dogs are done.

    Wish that was possible with a 15 week old...

  • @sanjibasenji said in Nagging Question Needs an Answer:

    Wish that was possible with a 15 week old..

    But my Kito is only 18 weeks now and I have been doing his nails like that since he arrived - ten weeks ago !

    It is indeed possible - I have been doing puppies and adults that way for almost 40 years. What are you using ? Of course for the moment, nail scissors probably work but they won't for long !

    Resco 'guillotine' style clippers are best in my book because they don't crush the nails - but easiest of all is a dremel from the hardware store. It very quick and efficient.

  • I have the guillotiine clippers, but Sanji won't relax enough without a lick pad. He'll squirm and bite (not hard, but the teeth are sharp!). It's not the clippers, it's just him. You've got special puppies. Or you haven't yet said what you're doing to get them to stay still while you cut.

    I'm looking for better quality guillotine style. These are highly rated in Amazon, higher than the Resco.

    Gonicc Dog & Cat Pets Nail Clippers and Trimmers - with Safety Guard to Avoid Over Cutting, Free Nail File, Razor Sharp Blade - Professional Grooming Tool for Pets

  • @zande - I sit on the floor with the Basenji on their back, head first, feet up... My arms are not really long enough to reach around and hold them, so this works for me

  • I've said this on another thread, but all of mine, upside down on my lap, back feet against me, and I used the guillotine clippers. They were not thrilled, but they put up with it. One of those "no options" items, "yes, I will clip your toenails, get over it." I would allow a break half way through if the "victim" was getting restless, but for the most part I had no difficulties. I used to finish up with a file to smooth things out, and because I didn't want to chance cutting too short. And being released at the end was reward enough for all of mine! 😉

    I want to add, I have had the most success working with animals (mostly horses and dogs) one on one. They do not like feeling ganged up on, which can be a problem if you have an assistant. Yes, sometimes necessary if you need an extra hand for the job, but otherwise I think if the animal trusts you, better to work alone.

  • Mine were trained to sit in a lap while the person is seated. Dog faces away from the person (dog's back against person's chest). Helps to lean back a bit so the dog is a bit on it's back against my chest. I hold the dogs paw that I'm going to trim secure with my left hand, and trim the nail using a grinder with my right hand. But, I get that puppies can be really squirmy. Every dog is different. Logan hates the vacuum cleaner. Sparkle could care less. Jengo use to attack it. 🤷🏻♂

  • @sanjibasenji Marvin brought a couple of Resco clippers over from the States when he married me and moved this side of the Pond. Although that was 45 years ago now and Marvin joined his huge pack of departed Basenjis a while back, the clippers are still going strong and I haven't needed to look for others -

    Probably there are better ones around these days, but my old ones still do a good job.

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