How Would You Describe Your Dogs Personality?

  • Recently a friend who's never met my dogs asked me to describe their personalities. Logan was easy. His name is Logan's World and it truly is... Logan's World. Super friendly once he knows you. Food driven to beat the band. Super affectionate. Damned smart. Fearless on walks. Cautious around tall men and people he doesn't know.

    Sparkle, who I refer to as Princess Sparkle (real name is Sparkle Perfect) is a gentle sweetheart... till she isn't. She uses a soft tender touch to gently insert herself straight between Logan and whoever he's near looking him directly in the eye as she does. It finally dawned on me that I'd seen her before in a movie. The clip below is short, so watch till the end. That right there... that's Princess Sparkle.

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  • A cat wearing a dog suit.

  • @docgonzo said in How Would You Describe Your Dogs Personality?:

    A cat wearing a dog suit.

    Oh, I like that. I'm gonna steal it. It's funny. Two dogs. Same breed. Personalities could not be more different.

    Logan will do ANYTHING for food. Sparkle will do most of what I ask, but mostly for affection. Sometimes food... if she feels like it... maybe. I love her independence. She's very self confident. She's also a bossy little thing. She doesn't abide misbehavior by other dogs. I think she's gonna be a great momma.

  • I've had five and they are all different. The cat thing fits for most, but beyond that.....some are needy but aloof, which seems to be a contradiction but it's common. They like to ignore you but don't like to be ignored. My first boy was very, very sweet. In the words of my breeder friend, the boys are sweet but the bitches are such bitches! True, often.

  • @eeeefarm That's funny. I have a very knowledgeable Basenji friend that's convinced the word bitch was invented to describe female Basenjis. 🤣

  • Crazy but loving lol. We’re wintering in Arizona and a firefighter we met on a hike yesterday on a mountain top was the first person to say, “hey, is that a Basenji! She loves everyone and adventure. (Teki’s had plenty in her short 2 years because we travel a lot!) She’s a wild child but super loving and affectionate. We’re getting a new puppy when we get home in 3 weeks so the adventure continues lol!

  • @jengosmonkey My boy is the sweetest most loving, snuggle hound ever. Curious, a friend to all, plays hard, sleeps hard. He thinks the word no means go faster. He enchants all with his elegant looks and winning personality. I’m going to keep him‼

  • @jengosmonkey
    Kembe - very sweet- a little princess 👑 but......can also be a self-centered little witch - “her way or no way” - “what's hers is hers and what’s yours is hers too”! 😝

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