Frozen Bananas!!!

It was so hot yesterday so I gave them to our three dogs and the three fosters we have and they loved them. It took them forever to eat them.

Thanks for the idea!! 🙂

I;m gonna have to try that, Reggie loves bananas

My furbaby will NOT touch a banana, I have tired to get her to at least try one, but she just smells and walks away. She likes almost anything, but it's NO BANANAS. How can I get her to at least TRY one bite?

Put peanutbutter on it!

haha, if i put peanut butter on a rock Jack would eat it!! lol he LOVE peanut butter!!! (but sneeky him, when i try and give him medicine in a bit of peanut butter COMpletely hidden, he wont touch it!! smart butt)

Our dogs hate both bananas & peanut butter!

If our males smells a banana, he triers to rub the scent off his nose. He gets all disgusted by it like when a male basenji smells a puppy.

My B's do not like bananas - however, I love them and am going to make some of those, dipped in chocolate, for myself!!! Let them have peanut butter. If they are really nice maybe I'll give them banana mixed in with peanut butter. Unless I eat it myself. LOL

Thanks, Tasha! We give our Bs a small piece of banana almost every day, but freezing them has made them a much more enjoyable treat - it DOES take much longer to eat. Thanks for the tip!

I think it is ok to leave the peeling on it.. I leave the peeling on the banana when i refrigerate itand it turns out fine. The peeling will change but not the flavor of the banana.

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