• Hello. I am hoping that someone here can help me. We have been looking into Basenji’s for a number of reasons and want an active little guy to join our family. After adopting out kids, we think it’s the right time to have a puppy be part of our family. Would anyone have any connections to Basenji breeders in Arizona? We are willing to do a small road trip so that we can choose the right puppy for us. We prefer a pure bread basenji puppy that can grow with our 2 year old son because we love all of the traits of this breed. Thank you in advance!

  • What are the reasons you are considering a basenji? (Hypoallergenic? they are not. Barkless? Maybe, but certainly not silent.)

    Most basenji pups are born in December because the females only go in heat once a year. Most puppies from reputable breeders are spoken for sometimes more than a year in advance. A good breeder tests both parents for all genetic diseases (have you read about Fanconi?). Also, a good breeder will make you promise to return the dog (regardless of age or health) if you cannot keep it. If you buy a pup from a back yard breeder, you could getting more heartache and expense than you bargained for.

    Having a basenji is like having a 2 yr old. Are you sure you want a second 2 yr old at this point? You have one baby now. Will you have more? You can count on a b-puppy destroying your child's toys. I was lucky to adopt a 3 yr old basenji who was given up because the 3 yr old child kept banging on the dog's crate and the basenji was so stressed he was licking raw spots on his legs and developing behavioral issues. They had to crate the dog to protect him from the child and they got tired of yelling at the child to leave the dog alone.

    I got a dog first and then had babies. It can be done, but you have to be very committed.

  • They are all active. Not sure I would go for the most active one. Plus it's a sure sign you don't know what you are in for!

    I think I heard that Linda Siekert at Sinbaje might be thinking of having a litter.

  • I have had 3 kids, now adults, and many basenjis have gone through this home, and I would not suggest a first basenji and a child under 6, in the same home.
    A basenji will need consistent, firm, but gentle, corrections though it's puppyhood, and I don't think a child younger than 6 could be reliably consistent. My first son was born a little adult in many ways, and I would not have had a basenji before he was 6.

  • You might be better off to get an adult Basenji that has experience with young children, if you can find one through a breeder or a rescue.

  • I think that a basenji puppy and a two-year-old is a recipe for disaster for many reasons. Both require and crave lots of attention, neither one can be reasoned with, both will want to play with the same toy, both can be stubborn, and the list goes. It is far too much to expect a two-year-old to understand how to get along with any puppy, especially a basenji puppy. If your heart is set on a basenji puppy, then I think you should wait until your child is at least five or six years old.Children that age understand what you are saying about the puppy and you can explain to them why you are saying it. I agree with the person who suggested getting an older basenji or how about a puppy of another breed? t one time in my life I had a basenji and a mixed breed, and they got along beautifully.
    You may love all the traits of this breed but I was suggest that you talk to owners and their experiences with the basenjis and young children. One cannot count on even the best breeders to give you the full story. Please don't get me wrong. I've had three basenjis and adored them all. I got the first one when my youngest daughter was seven. You don't have to wait that long but two years old is too young, imho. Good luck.

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