Hello from Los Angeles, CA

Meet Boots! We adopted him from a rescue when he was about 3 months old. Now he’s 10 months old. He was found out in the desert town of Palmdale, CA with his 3 other brothers. The rescue thought he might be part shar Pei, but we’re pretty sure he’s a basenji mix with jack russell terrier. Maybe corgi or chihuahua too. He definitely has the temperament and characteristics: Loves to play, spotty discipline, super friendly with other dogs and humans, and very fast. He has a very loud bark but uses it sparingly. He’s about 25 lbs now and is pretty stocky.




I would tend to think he is part Basenji, however, the only way to know for sure is to do a DNA test. My opinion is (primarily) based on his chest and the appearance of his fur. Everyone has their insight, so others may feel differently. Please let us know what the DNA outcome is if you decide to do one.

@smoketastic A big welcome to you and Boots, what he is he is super cute.

@elbrant Definitely will let everyone know if we do the DNA test.

@Annie He’s a mix but yes, very cute! We love his color.

That is a little guy anyone would love.. So glad he has his place in your heart.

Glad someone said Corgi - yes, I would be surprised if none of that in his make-up. Cute little number !

He is such a handsome boy!!!! You are gong to have so many adventures together and share so much love!

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