Hello from Napa with our new basenji mix!

@jengosmonkey thank you!

Totally agree - Crate is never for punishment!

We haven't tried to put him in a car yet but the foster family said he was stressed both on the car ride from the rescue and the ride to deliver him to us. He’s had a lot happen in his short little life in the past few weeks so I want to give him time before we take him places. I am thinking of get a seatbelt that hooks to his harness for the car for safety.

Thanks so much!

Safest travel in the car is crate, period.... never ever loose. If you are using a crate during the day, then at night they need to be loose, otherwise too much crate time

My Basenji just turned a year old and he is crate trained for sleep from his first night home. Hi kennel is next to my bed. "Kennel Up" and he goes into the crate awaiting his special kennel treat used only for crating. Never have used the kennel for punishment. He really likes his kennel. I tried to get him to sleep with me and he promptly jumped off the bed and went into his kenned and waited for 2 treats because he went in without being told. I do use the kennel when I leave the house and he has never balked. I have also used a "shower" of treats for special circumstances...sprinkling treats and kibble over him when he has been kenneled from a really good time in life. I have put beds, kennel pads, towels in the kennel, and he promptly chews them to pieces. ...So lays on the plastic tray. That makes me feel bad, but....I have yet to find anything he will not chew up. He will pull it out through the mesh when not kenneled or tear it apart when kenneled when I am not home. He is not the boss and does not get another pad/bed!

How about sending us all of pic of Finn? I am pretty sure we wold all love to see him. You said your in Napa. Is that as in California or another state? We have a Basenji meet up the last Sunday of every month at Point Isabel (Richmond area). Just google Point Isabel and you will see the area. At one time (its been a few years) we had a total of 22 basenji's. What a sight that was to see them all running! On average, we have around 8 to 14 now.

@basenjimom2 I’m in the South Bay! I’d be Interested in knowing more about the location.

Edit: Just found it. 23 acre off leash dog park. The largest in the US. It has its own dog wash and cafe. I’ve lived in the Bay Area my whole life. Never knew it existed.

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Binti was 6 years old when I adopted her. She was not fond of her crate, but I left it open with a nice soft blanket in it, and would randomly put a treat in it a couple times each day for her to find. Before twoo long , she associated her crate with good things and she will nap in it of her own volition.

Let us see a picture of your new addition! And congratulations!!!!

@JENGOSMonkey Surprise, surprise!! If your interested go to Meetup.com and look for Basenjis of Point Isabel (also there is a Facebook page under the same name, that shows pups from our meetups). Once you find the group on MeetUp.com, join, and you will get a reminder a week before about the meetup and ask if you are going to go or not. Or if you just want to check it out first, its the last Sunday of every month at 11am (try not to be more than 10 to 15 minutes late please) and we meet in front of the Sit and Stay Cafe. If its raining we don't go, drizzling we still go. Lots of fun.

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Thank you all for the advice and info on the Bay Area meet up! We'd love to join once we've gotten him acclimated to our home and a few of our friend's dogs.

In the meantime, here is a photo of our sweet little boy!


He looks like a truck load of fun. Good looking little dude. Happy you’ve found one another. 😁👍

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