New to this and my newly discovered Basenji Mix

  • This post is deleted!

  • @krystallin11 - Welcome, very cute pup not sure I see Basenji but you are more than welcome here

  • Thanks for the welcome! Yeah, who knows? I was just told that by some vets, but he's a ball of mystery. 🙂 Here's another picture of him, I think my vet felt like his tail, butt, ears, and build was very similar, but honestly, IDK? All I know is he's an awesome little adventurer and has UNENDING ENERGY! 0_1548446048361_20180823_141251.jpg

  • From the second picture I can see why someone would say a Basenji. Not so much from the first one. Why not do a DNA test? They're cheap, easy, and reasonably accurate. Seems like a fun thing to do.

  • You've been happily challenged by this little demon for several years - He's cute and obviously a wonderful pet and member of the family. I don't see Basenji, certainly not in any dominant measure - just enjoy life together!

    If your curiosity has been pricked - a DNA test would give you the answer.

  • He's GORGEOUS! The characteristics you describe are Basenji traits. Not sure if he's part Baseni - but regardless - a beautiful dog!

  • I both loved and hated my B's puppy years! The zoomies drove me nuts sometimes especially because he always seemed to get that way while I was studying for college! IMO behaviors can signal a breed in addition to physical traits. There may be some b in him! His face looks very German shepherd as well.

    What a cute guy!

    On recall...I have been working with my b for years on that and he's still only about 50/50 outside. I always got frustrated at the training classes we went to because he always seemed to be good as gold when the trainer came around but a total snot when I tried outside of class. He's gotten better over the years but I've chased him enough to know his tendencies now. I just don't ever fully trust him off leash outside.

    As far as the door escaping, you can get him better at that. I worked a lot on waiting at doors (start training it on leash and use it with all kinds of doors). If you want to get all kinds of advice and different training strategies, this is a great forum as well!

  • Beautiful little ball of mischief!!!! Welcome!

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