• Hi
    I recently adopted a little Basenji and I'm working a full time job. Myy girlfriend however does not and helps me a lot to raise our little boy :o However she'll start working part time next week and at this point Winston (the dog ;)) will be 10 weeks old. Is it too early to start training him to be on his own? How do you guys handle this kind of stuff?

    Thank you

  • I would say it is too early to leave him alone. There is so much he needs to learn and grow accustomed to at this age. Can you organize some daycare? It is easy for me to say, because I work at home and was with our pup all the time (I guess it was me who could not do without her....) Enjoy, they grow up so fast.

  • Not too early to be on his own...... I work full time and always have... had Basenjis for over 35yrs. Will you be crating him when you both are working? How many hours will he be alone? At 10wks, 4 hours is really tops...

  • Have you left him alone at all so far? If so, how did he handle your absence? If not, you need to get him used to being alone, starting with short departures. Leave him somewhere safe, a dog proof room or a crate, and give him something to occupy him while you leave. A toy he likes, a Kong filled with goodies, something to make him think being left isn't all bad. Do not make a big fuss when leaving or returning. Be as matter of fact as possible. Gradually build up to leaving for longer periods of time.

  • All excellent advice, not much I can add. I have a 9 week old Samoyed here and I'm pretty much kangaroo momming him. Right now he's even sleeping with me. Fortunately I have my daughter and her father helping out so I get some breaks, and my daughter does most of it when she's home 2 days a week. Samoyed are extremely people needy, but honestly I am the one who can't bear him being on his own too much this early. Even with doctor appointments, he has a crate in the living room so Larry can take him out to play/potty and snuggle (since I'm usually gone 5 to 6 hrs some days).

    Easy adjustment.. put in crate, happy voice "i'll be back" and leave. Go out the door and leave alone at least 15 mins. Keep extending it over several days until you are up to a couple of hours. By that point, they do get you will come back. Just no drama, no soothing poor baby stuff... nonchalant. Happy leaving, happy return. Make sure safe toys, chews in crate.

    If you can arrange it so her work and your's don't quite overlap so he's no alone more than 4 hrs, that would be idea. If not... swap out coming home for lunch break?

    Good luck.. and please post pictures 🙂 Also, where did you get him? A lot of the basenjis here are related. (My basenji now is a rescue so not related.) It's nice to see the connections though!

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