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The next show in PA is at the State Farm Show Building in Harrisburg 17-19 April. Preliminary counts say that there should be just a few basenjis there - 17 on Sat, 15 on Sunday, and 10 on Monday I will have two dogs entered on all three days. If you'd like more info just let me know.


hi Chris - welcome to the forum. Way to go for doing research before buying a basenji. You'll be happy that you did.

Thanks for the reply's everbody. I have been checking everything I can online including and
This is my first time searching for a puppy and I was basically just trying to find out how I should interact with breeders. I understand they are very busy and I don't want to be a pest nor do I want to be overlooked as someone just sorta interested. I am just trying to cover all bases and I 'm probably a little too excited about finally having the opportunity to own a dog. Thanks again.


hi caseeno8 - my first personal contact with a couple of breeders and a basenji/all breeds rescue worker/advocate were at a dog show and were wonderful. I was honoured to meet Sharron Hurlbut who is on this forum. It was a most warm meeting. Though Sharron was busy, she took the time to introduce me to two breeders, one who I have maintained email contact with because I am impressed with her dogs and her breeding ethics.

I have to tell you that both of the breeders spent a fair amount of time talking to me about their dogs and their breeding programs. I'm not sure if all dog breeders are the same, but I found the basenji folks very willing to talk about their dogs. One breeder thought I was perfectly normal when I asked to sniff one of her dogs. Okay, that just did it for me, because not only did I love what I smelled (pure warmth and love), but the breeder probably got a good idea of the love I want to give one of these splendid dogs in the future. That and the fact that I am a total basenji lover.

So I would have to say that visiting a dog show and finding the basenji breeders is probably the best way to get to know a breeder. From there, keep in contact with them so that eventually you may be able to visit their homes, see their dogs, and get a better feel for their breeding program. Good luck, and remember that all questions are either answered on here or via personal e-mail contact.

Thanks for the nice words Fran. I think your petty swell as well.
I do know any b that falls into your hands will be very well loved, treated…

My experience is that we meet lovely breeders at dog shows. They may hand you a leash and you get to hold their basenji for a half hour, or tell you that you will be running them in show the ring if their friend doesn't show up! ( a lovely woman who had 2 of her own to show, they would be the only ones in that particular round, and the dog was a "self shower"). Her friend showed up so my brief career as a handler ended before it started, luck for the dog. Go, introduce yourself, be genuine and hopefully they will be too.

I do have to brag about the breeders in the PNW. A quality group to be sure!
If you have any chance to come up to Seattle in Aug. There is a basenji show you will not want to miss.

Hubby and I are in for the August show!

Caseeno8 - Here's the schedule for the Basenjis at the Harrisburg shows:
Sat - 0900 Ring 8
Sun - 1230 Ring 9
Mon - 0830 Ring 11

Thanks for the ring times Karen!

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