Looking for a breeder in Quebec or Ontario

Good Morning From Quebec ,

I've been admiring the breed from a distance . My life style is finally ready to accommodate this breed.
Any suggestion which breeder I should stay away from ?

Please go to www.basenji.org and read about how to "interview" a breeder and what you should look for. https://basenji.org/index.php/about-basenjis/screen-breeders

@liliana said in Looking for a breeder in Quebec or Ontario:

Any suggestion which breeder I should stay away from ?

Stay away from Josabry. They've got a beautiful website but I've run into a few sick dogs they have produced. You can find breeders close to you by going here: http://www.basenjiclubofcanada.com/

People communicate differently, misunderstandings happen, one pup wins a Westminster award, another is the runt of the litter. Trying to create a list of who to stay away from isn't going to mean that the pup you could have gotten from them wouldn't have been the perfect one for you. Besides, everyone's opinion is different. And, someone could tell you to stay away from so-and-so when they are on an entirely different continent!

@tanza is right....
It's much better to educate yourself on the things that should be red flags for you when you are communicating with and visiting potential breeders. Then you can make an intelligent decision for yourself.

Thank you !

I found Dwayne Lazore . I have a phone conversation scheduled with him this afternoon.
Googled he's name come up as having a top pedigree .
Has anyone heard of him ?

Good luck with the phone conversation today. Get prepped. Re-read @tanza post above. Follow her link. Get familiar with the questions and get comfortable with why you absolutely should ask them. Loosing a pet down the road is devastating. More so when it could have been avoided due to genetic issues. Enjoy your journey! 👍

thank you , not looking for a show dog but a responsible breeder who's litters are healthy and well taken care of.
I do NOT want to participate unknowing to a puppy mill. thanks again for all the info . I feel better prepared to make an informed choice.

@liliana He co-breeds with several people under the Mibre and Skyewalker affixes.

If you go to my pedigree database website and ask it for either, you will find a host of pedigrees and can follow them back to see if Fanconi or PRA tests have been done.

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