Looking for a pup in the uk

Hi everyone

I’ve finally moved into a home which is suitable for brining a dog into our family and have long been a fan of this breed. If anyone knows of (or is) a reputable breeder in the uk I’d be grateful for any intros. We’re just east of London but happy to travel.


More importsnt is, are you willling to wait ?? no pups around at the moment or likely to be for a 12 month. email me privately.

@zande yes happy to wait. Definitely not something to be rushed. I actually spotted you on another post and have sent an email to the address on your website. Thanks for your support. Patrick

@patrick-brandon good ! I will reply when I get back from the woods. Glorious weather, mud drying up and Kito is taking to recall very well indeed. Of course, he has his half brother to set a good example 😍

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