My two pups

love my two basenji's Deja and Anzi - saw the site and thought i would join in - the breed is great and would love to hear stories from other basenji owners!!



Terri, where did you get your basenjis from?
Do you have any photos?

Welcome! And definitely post your pics!!

Hello and welcome. Can't wait to see your babies!!!

Welcome - looking forward to pictures and posts!

got Anzi from BRAT and Deja from a breeder - i have a pic on i guess my home page?? i am sort of new to this

i call them pups but they are now 7 and 6!!! how do i get my dogs pic by my name!!!??

It's called an avatar. If I do this correctly, this will take you to the thread to explain! Here goes:

thanks - mine keeps failing - think the size from my pics are too big

i take it back - it seems to have worked!

i posted some pics in the photo gallery!!! check them out!

so is yours! another tri color!!


so is yours! another tri color!!

Aw, shucks;) …thanks!:D She's almost 9 years old, but we think she's pretty!
I'm from NJ originally, but live in VT now for 11 years. My parents retired to Whiting (near Toms River), but are now looking to relocate here if they can. I've got lots of my husband's relatives in Wayne (where we grew up) and Sussex county too.
Are you in North or South Jersey?

north jersey - grew up in Cresskill - small town way north - now am in park ridge

Your dogs look really big!! How big is Anzi? Our Miles is 32.5lbs… yours looks like he might have ours beat!!

he might - about that last time at vet - it depends how he sits he looks bigger or smaller - he needs to lose a few - big back yard but they both just choose to sit on the wall or in the chairs instead of run around! i throw balls to myself and they look at me and tell me to fetch!

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