• I posted in a different category not seeing this one first! We just adopted a pup on Saturday, our son named her Delta after a dinosaur from Jurassic World not the airline lol. The shelter listed her as a Shepard mix but we're not sure about that. She has the exact physical make up of a tri color B except theres no white on her face just legs and chest. Her face is very triangle but tan like a Shepard. I'm having trouble uploading a picture because its too large but i am looking for an experienced B owner who can maybe let me know at first glance what they think. I dont know if we're allowed to share emails but i would appreciate any help. Shes been quite a handful already lol. For almost 3 months old shes doing more than I've ever seen a puppy do. Shes already ran up and down the stairs with no fear or coaxing. She ran faster than any puppy i ever saw and CLEARED a jump over my over sized couch and stuck the landing like a cat haha. Shes literally a ninja. She doesnt listen well and potty training is a huge struggle. I'm learning that shes extremely independent and trying to work with that as well as having her obey. Food aggression is evident and arguing is in full effect but shes a huge cuddler/lovey type when shes tired. Loving her but i can tell we have quite a future ahead of us with this one lol. My son has sensory issues and we have a cat so i need as much advice as possible in order to accomadate all personalities. We're also in the Coast Guard and move every 3 to 4 years and i read that B's are not cold weather types..anyone live in a cold climate that can help as we may be headed to one next year?! If someone is willing to share emails for a pic that would be so great!

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  • Jalex, it's easy to reduce photo sizes. you can send to me and I'll resize. Check your message here.

  • @jalex

    If you can , send me photo and details.

    Stafford-Ames Morse

  • @jalex I've had 3 basenjis and one 1 mix over the past 4 years and we've always lived in NJ which can have some cold, snowy and icy periods in the winter. The dogs have been individuals but have all made adaptations for the winter as have I. They will need coats and I just saw someone suggest making booties for them. The boots come in handy if you walk your pups outside on the streets that have been salted and sanded; the salt really burns the doggy pads. My dogs seemed to do better with the doggy coats that have double surcigles (like horse blankets) but that's an individual thing. None of mine were happy about snow falls that made snow drifts/mounds that were taller than they were. I ended up shoveling paths in the back yard - neighbors thought I was looney!

  • @njdeb haha aww okay. I'm from Jersey too! We're possibly getting stationed in Cape May for 4 years so i was pretty curious about how she'd do up there. Good to know i'll need to take her winter shopping as well ha! Thanks for responding 😁

  • @jalex Well, Welcome back home to NJ. I got some nice doggy coats from an online store Dover. Made just like a horse blanket so they don't slip to the side when the dog is doing a B500 run. There is a Dover store in Del Hockessin that lets you take your pup in for try on if you are not into measuring. I got a nice rain coat and a good heavy winter blankie for my girl. Regular doggy stores have lots of cute sweaters. Not sure about the boots. Lost my Basenji girl a year ago so never had a chance to try the boots. I think a fellow made them for his dogs. Will try to get the link and see how he goes about it. If I find out I will pass it along.

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