Looking for some play dates


New to the group, wanting to find some locals to meet and hang talk a little Basenji and let the fun begin!! Live in Woodinville/Bothell area of WA, anyone near by who wants to plan a get together?

Max is a 4 1/2 year old male loves to be social with other Basenjis.

We've moved up from Southern California and missing the sun.



Welcome to the forum!
Great pic 😃

Welcome! What a cute photo of your boy!

Anne in Tampa (we've got sun, come on down!)

Welcome and what a terrific picture!!


Stacie, there are lots of b owners in and around the Seattle area.
The Evergreen Basenji club is very active with shows, lure coursing and training.
I would be happy to share the info with you if you wish.

Hi Sharron

I'll take all the information you want to share with me!!


If you go to www.evergreenbasenjiclub.org
and check on the speciality, left hand side of the page,
it will give you details re the basenji weekend..the first weekend in Aug.;)
Also check out the EBC site…they have lots of fun things through the year.
Send them a note and tell them want your intested in.
A very nice, welcoming group of great basenji folks...

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