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  • Hi Everybody and Happy New Year! I'm new to your site but was concerned over the excessive thirst my 7 yr old male Basenji is exhibiting (vet's not available until Thursday). We adopted him 5 yrs ago at the Naples FL Humane Society and have been getting trained ever since. He's really a terror and totally in charge of 3 adults. He appears healthy as a little horse and his appetite is fine. Exercise isn't limited and he goes non-stop. If anyone has any ideas, I'd appreciate it. Thank you.

  • Have you strip tested your basenji for urine glucose? Here is a link to how to test your basenji if you have not been testing:

  • Also please visit the basenji club of america website under health and read about Fanconi… Please be sure to print off the information about Fanconi for your Vet in case he is not familiar with Fanconi

  • Hi Linda! The excessive thirst is a tell-tale sign of fanconi. Please get him tested asap, since it is so common in Basenjis we all jump to that conclusion. Luckily, the protocol will allow a happy and healthy life.
    I was born in Naples, FL and my mother used to breed and show Basenjis in Collier County. Could you posts some pics of your boy? He is too young to be a dog that she bred (some 20 years ago), but because of the area I am curious as to maybe a possible relative.

  • Weclome Linda! I know you'll find the information you need from this well informed group of Basenji owners…please keep us posted on your pup!

  • Thank you for your very quick response. I'll get some test strips tomorrow and then get to the vet just to be sure he's o.k. Not only am I dummy re Basenji's I'm just as dumb navigating this site but I thank you for your patience and understanding.

  • Linda - Welcome to the forum. I look forward to seeing pics of your Basenji. Please let us know what the test results are regarding possible Faconi disease. My basenji is mixed, yet I plan to start testing her (she should be close to 3 years old - recommened age to start testing) just to be safe. Mixed breeds are less likely to contact the disease, but it's still a possibility and better safe than sorry.

  • My Jetty was negative on the Diastix – thank God but I'll check him again tomorrow and then monthly. He's due for his shots next week so we'll keep the vet appointment. Hopefully, nothing else is going on. Thank you all so much for your concern and helpful information. I'm really anxious to get more familiar with the site. Wish I didn't have to work so they'd be more time. Thanks again for your help.

  • Hi Linda. Glad to know the test was negative. Please keep us updated on his condition.

  • Check for Diabetes. Excess thirst can be a sign for other aliments. Get him to the vet for blood tests.

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