Basenji pups or rescue

Looking to give a Basenji a loving home in the country. Ideally, we would like two. How can we start the process of purchase or adoption?

Where are you ? What country (or even Continent ?)

Sorry for the vague posting regarding location. I didn't realize that this site was international. I am in Southern England (Berkshire).

Email me privately - address in websites on signature block, but I warn you - Covid has brought Basenji would-be puppy owners out in droves and the few breeders who are having a litter this winter have full waiting lists.

Two breeders I know have started on a list for the winter of 2021, inviting prospective owners to meet and become acquainted with Basenjis.

I have emails from several people who have already put themselves onto the Rescue waiting list. . . in case a Basenji turns out to be too much once (if) restrictions are lifted.

Anyway - we are once more in full Lockdown - and I am just praying they don't close the carparks to the (porous) woods again like they did last time, leaving loads of us scrabbling for a parking spot on the main road close to one of the holes into the forest.

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