Basenji/Mix Rescue Wanted

My young son and I would like to offer a home to a young Basenji or Basenji mix. Our rescued Basenji/Jack Russel Mix is 11 years old now, and starting to slow down. I am currently/recently unemployed. If there is a nearby dog in need, we have much love, patience, time, companionship & attention to give, but cannot offer much, monetarily speaking. We live in Sharpsburg, MD. If anyone within 4-6 hours distance knows of a suitable dog in need, please let us know. I am a dedicated, responsible pet owner, who spays/neuters & obtains recommended vaccinations and preventative medications for my pets, as well as dedicated time, exercise and grooming. We live off of the C&O Canal, along the Potomac River, the Appalachian Trail, and National parkland, lots of room to run, explore & play. We have a cat, rabbit, rat, and fish, besides our Daisy. Our Daisy was abused. I rescued her from a shelter at 6 months old, when she would only crawl to the nearest hiding place. She graduated to running to hide behind the toilet, and then, to being bold, but barking & fearing men in uniforms. Now, she defends the pets that she knows we accept, and attempts to repel all others. I have total faith that any other Basenji or mix would also have the aptitude for such intelligence.

Have you tried BRAT?

Not yet. This is my very first look into it. We are not urgently looking, but if someone nearby knows of a pup (I still call my old girl, my puppy!) in need, I want to let them know that we are available.

I have to place my boy, he is residing in Indiana. I owned his mother, and he was born into my hands. I dearly hate having to find him a new home, but I now live in Korea, and am unable to bring him over like I thought I would. He is staying with my brother and his family right now, and I would like to place him soon. He is 5, neutered last year. Good with children and most other dogs. Write me and I will tell you more about Ansel.

BRAT does have some lovely b's and b mixes to rehome.
They would be happy to help you.

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