My Basenji Refuses to Poop at Night!

  • Guys, help! Please! I’ve had my girl for 2.5 years now and she has always been stubborn about pooping at night, which I know a lot of B’s are afraid of the dark. She used to require long walks at night (whereas daytime she would go almost immediately). If it is too windy she won’t go, if it’s raining she definitely won’t go, and if there’s any hint of danger - other dogs or humans - won’t go. But occasionally if conditions were just right, she would go at night. Now, she refuses to go at night all together, no matter what we do. For some reason, car rides used to make her poop almost instantly, but not anymore if it’s at night. Because she was so stubborn about going at night, I used to give her a favorite treat when she did go, but that doesn’t work anymore either. I’m afraid she’s going to get backed up or have medical issues from holding it all night long, and ai know she has to go! Any advice or ideas, please?

  • Does she have any difficulty defecating the next morning? If she isn't constipated and isn't eliminating in the house I wouldn't worry about it. If you really need her to go, you could try "matching" her, but it's not something I would recommend on an ongoing basis, more for a situation where it is imperative she relieve herself....

  • Jengo refused to poop in his own back yard. Would rather hold it than go there. Instead he’d stare us down for however long it took to get a walk. Most times it wasn’t long because we were already getting ready to go, “Hold on. Gimme a minute.” Never had a dog that refused to poop on his own turf before.

    He was also picky about where he’d go even during walks, but he’d eventually always find a spot. There were days when for one reason or another it wasn’t possible to get an afternoon walk in. Pre stroke he never had accidents in the house either. The next morning he’d usually go at least twice though. He was just stubborn that way, but it didn’t seem to be a frequent problem.

    What is “Matching.” I’ve not heard of that term.

  • @seraphimrose Maybe she just doesn't "need" to go. Maybe her body has "grown up" and she has better muscle control now. Or she is on a steady diet and she isn't eating anything that is making her stomach unsettled. Is there a reason that you want her to "go at night"?

    @jengosmonkey said in My Basenji Refuses to Poop at Night!:

    What is “Matching.”

    I was afraid to ask... (LOL)

  • @jengosmonkey - Matching is used by mostly show people to get their dogs to poop especially before going in the ring. This goes for most all performance events also. Many time at shows dogs (of all breeds) are to distracted to poop with all the other dogs, people, new smells, etc... and when they get in the ring or other performance events, the need to go takes over. Using a wooden match stick (not the sulfur end) if you place it in the butt a short way, this will stimulate them to poop to removed. Think of it like a piece of grass that is "stuck".... and they try to remove it....
    But I agree with eeeefarm, maybe she really doesn't need to go and can hold it... especially in bad weather. Note about "being afraid of the dark" be sure that you have eyes check for night blindness. Mine in 30+ yrs have never had an issue with the dark unless they have eye issues.

  • @jengosmonkey I had heard that some dogs will it poop on their property because it lets predators know they’re there. Maybe this is why your dog wants to walk far away from home to do his business?

    @elbrant @eeeefarm she has absolutely no difficulty going the next morning. When I say she needs to poop, I say it because her butt is swollen and will pucker just like it does just before she actually goes. She will smell of something fierce all night long from farting, and then get up in the morning and go nearly right away.

    There are a LOT of coyotes and other wildlife in our area. I’m wondering if she doesn’t go at night because of them? We moved to this area about a year ago, and the “not pooping at all at night” problem started not long after we moved here. At our old home she would go most nights unless weather was a factor, she would also not go if it was very late - like after midnight - when there weren’t dogs out and all the raccoons and skunks started coming out.

    I really don’t want to do matching. I just didn’t want her to constipate or harm herself by holding it overnight.

  • @tanza I don’t think night vision is an issue. She seems to be afraid of the wildlife or scents at night and not actually the night. She has no problem going for a walk until it’s after midnight or so, then when I take her out she puts on the brakes immediately. I will still ask the vet at our next visit.

  • @seraphimrose said in My Basenji Refuses to Poop at Night!:

    didn’t want her to constipate

    A teaspoon of pumpkin will eliminate any concerns about constipation. Only use pure pumpkin, not pie mix. You will find it in the baking section of your standard U.S. market. A can of pumpkin holds an awful lot of pumpkin. I drop spoonfuls onto a baking sheet and freeze them. Then store them in a zippered freezer bag and take one or two out to toss into your dogs dish.

  • The good news is that it doesn't seem to be a health issue. Not everyone goes twice a day, or even once a day. There is great variability based on a number of issues. Our dogs are fairly predictable and twice a day is about right -- with exceptions -- but other dogs could be different. If you're concerned, I'd think diet would be a big factor. If you are aiming for twice a day then elbrant's suggestion of pumpkin (the whole not the pie filling) might help.

    Sometimes your idea of how diet works can be off. This week one of our dogs managed to grab a bag of minnow treats and eat most of the bag. We were expecting a runny explosion but her scat was unusually hard. Go figure.

    Along the same vein, not wanting to defecate in the backyard is usual except when it isn't. A lot just depends on the size of the yard, number of dogs, and so forth. And perhaps how they were raised as well.

    We've had dogs who weren't happy in the dark outside. Some were unfazed. Your pup seems normal.

  • @seraphimrose - Unless you have their eyes checked by an canine ophthalmologist you don't know, so important to have this done first..again in my opinion. Note that your regular Vet is not an Ophthalmologist so I would say you need a referral or you can search on line.

  • @jengosmonkey said in My Basenji Refuses to Poop at Night!:

    Jengo refused to poop in his own back yard.

    This is very common in Basenjidom - they feel they have to get off the premises to empty.

  • @zande - Hi Zande, hope that rehab is going well... I do have to say, that in all the 30+ years in Basenjis, I have not had an issue with this, but it depends on what they are used to

  • @tanza rehab is going well - I can walk without sticks around the house and garden - but leg gets very swollen.
    I no longer get emails reminding me of things happening on the Forum - strange - all the settings seem to to OK. Wish the emails could be turned back on.

    Yes, I have known several instances - some of my own puppies that I have sold and many other people I have come across over the years (almost 40 of them LOL) tell the same story.

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