Making The Tough Decision

This morning we let our beloved Rocco go. It was his time. In two months he would have been 17. We are totally crushed!!! The vet tried to help and she was very understanding. The only comfort that I have was that I wrapped him in his favorite blanket and hugged him until he was gone. He lived a marvelous long life. We will miss him for a very long time. At the end he loved to sleep. He looked very peaceful when he was sleeping. Now he’s sleeping and in peace forever. Thanks for your support.

@davcoz tears welling up I'm so sorry that you have had to say goodbye to your pal. Keep him close by through your memories and the love you shared.

This is always the hardest time. Cry, grieve, do what you need to do. You loved him and did your best for him, and memories of the happiest times will stay with you when the grief is not so sharp.

Take comfort in the fact you gave him a good life and did the right thing by him at the end. Its never easy

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So sorry for your loss - we never can keep them long enough. Please find peace and comfort in knowing you gave Rocco a fabulous life and cherish the wonderful memories you shared.🐾❤

@davcoz I can relate to every word you wrote. I hope you find peace in your decision and that your hearts heal. I hope good memories fill any emptiness.

Thanks to all of you. We are having a tough time with this right now. The house seems so empty with him not on the couch. We are fortunate that all our memories of him are great. He was with us all the time. A truly exceptional little guy.

Our Rocco came from @RugosaB. His mother was her Ibis. He was Ibis #5 from 2003. @RugosaB gave us a wonderful companion her dedication to this breed is second to none. We cannot thank her enough! Sorry I meant @RugosaB, not @BasenjiB. I apologize. Not thinking clearly.

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Sorry for the loss. It's always hard. I agree with Zanede and Kembe that you should take heart knowing allowed him a great life. Also that the end was with you and not painful. Makes a terrible situation a little less painful.

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