6 month old puppy biting others.

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  • Have you spoken to her breeder? How old was she when you got her? How old was she when she was removed from her littermates/Mom? Other adults in the breeders home? You need to NOT play rough with her....

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  • Is it normal? Actually no. But it's also not normal to have 100% recall, love clicker training, go from 100 to zero if asked for a sit, even when in a crazy-running-jumping everywhere mood, or give you attention no matter the distraction (other dogs, birds, cats, new, highly distracting environment). It's also not normal to be so happy to meet strangers. On balance I think you're WAY ahead! LOL

    It is normal for a six month old puppy to play bite. Some do it for far longer than that. In thinking about this, play biting strangers is likely not that usual because play biting requires play, and a willingness to play usually requires some familiarity.

    The negative reinforcement doesn't work that well, as you've discovered. No doubt she'll grow out of the biting phase. There is also a good chance that having her learn not to bite your brother will teach her to generalize to other people. I won't suggest a strategy because you seem to have a great handle on training and you know your dog. The obvious approach would be to stop play as soon as the play biting begins. And play that doesn't invite biting would also be a good alternative. Playing tug should work, as would having her chase something like a cloth lure. Chasing a ball also works, though it may take some time to find the right ball. Fuzzy balls like tennis or wool balls seem to work best, though you have to pay attention so they don't eat things the shouldn't.

    I'm confident you'll be able to address this.

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  • Fleece doesn't ravel like other fabric. I've seen the fleece tug toys for sale online, but they are easy to make.

    Sounds like you and your pup are off to a great start!

  • @malik said in 6 month old puppy biting others.:

    They befuddle everyone they meet.

    Yup. That's the joy of basenjis.

    She's only 6 mos old!!! I think of basenjis as being pups until they're 18 mos old (and then they become juvenile delinquents). Take a toy with you when you're out & about if necessary.
    She's a baby and you've done a wonderful job so far. Keep up the good work!

  • When I got my first basenji, she was the same way, but it was clear it was just playing. When she had her littermates, they'd play and bite each other, and I had to replace that, giving her something to bite that would be a challenge.
    So, what I figured out, I tied a thin rope to a toy that as okay to bite. About 3=4 times a day we'd play 'chase the monkey," running around the house.
    She loved it, got her energy out and bit as much as she wanted. It was good for me too, running around dragging the poor monkey.
    It got to the point that whenever I said 'monkey' she got all excited!

    Sometimes I'd get lazy and hook the rope to the end of a stick, and lay 'fish for the monkey.' She loved that too.

    At that age, ti's easiest to substitute something she CAN bite, rather than always saying 'no.'

  • The simple answer is that she needs to know what "no" means, as in stop whatever you are doing. Since you have been successful teaching other things, then as soon as the biting seems likely to start (preferably before it starts!), say "no" and redirect to another behaviour, e.g. "sit", "down", or recall her. If she is as good as you say, she should immediately refocus on you, if not, keep her on a leash when you expect she will be tempted to bite. For the time being, no playing with the people she is likely to bite. She can sit and let them pat her, but interactions should not include play behaviour. And I agree with Tanza, no rough play, even if she is not currently biting you.

    Puppies usually go through a mouthy stage, but it is something they need to get over. Nobody likes a dog that always has its mouth on you, even if it isn't biting down. She needs to learn that her mouth on human flesh is unacceptable. And it bears repeating, all dogs should understand and respond to a firm "no". The understand part is "stop what you are doing right now"!

  • @malik said in 6 month old puppy biting others.:

    Of course, I don't expect them to know how to act with a basenji,

    And why not, pray ? I don't care how old they are, or young, children must learn how to behave around dogs.

    If there were kids in the household into which I was thinking about selling a puppy, I insisted on meeting them. On the parents bringing the children here so I could watch them with the dogs and watch the dogs' reaction to the children.

    I made it very clear, parents should not take kids side in any set to without being sure they hadn't provoked the dog. All too often the children are at fault, not the Basenji.

    Your kids may be grown-up but that is no excuse. If they are visiting you and your Basenji in your home, they have to abide by your ground rules. If it works to ignore this precocious wee animal in order to stop even play biting, these grown-up children owe you the respect and courtesy to adopt your rules and not to undermine your efforts at training.

    You are doing very well - with the dog. Now turn your attention to training the kids.

    btw, my 6 month old has pretty rock solid recall too. It is one of the, if not the, most important disciplines and should be worked on from the get-go.

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  • Many, many years ago, I sold puppies to families. I always met them ahead of time, before the pups were born were born, and had a little 'class' in which we went over the beginnings of what to do, and not do, with the puppy.`
    I remember one family came again, after the pups were born, but not old enough to leave Mom. They had a little boy (just him, no siblings) who did not come the first time (it was for them to approve me, and me to approve them). He was about 6, very smart and well behaved, and went out to the dog room. That was the year I had some oops litters, all born within a week of each other, and he was so excited to just get buried with puppies! I think they were about 6 wks old. I took photos of the whole experience that day, and made a special PRIVATE page of "Ethan's day with the Puppies"
    We went over my 'getting a basenji puppy' class and he was so attentive. I never got a call from them about any problems - I'm not surprised, he wanted that puppy so much.

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