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I'm afraid, Sandy, that this comes down to something I have posted elsewhere - there are responsible breeders and there are puppy-mills.
It should be obvious to anyone buying a puppy that it is not like buying a pound of butter or even a motor car.

The responsibility is also on the purchaser of that puppy to INSIST on seeing health data of the parents, being given all the paperwork appropriate and a full five generation pedigree.

If everyone did their homework and checked they had all the information before making one of the most important purchases of their lives, breeders would have to comply.

At the moment, far too many get away with minimum information and even less support.

@sandy-hovis - Breeders that do not give information are not "responsible" breeders, at least not in my opinion. Not only is it important that all health information is given but people considering a Basenji should check out those health results for themselves, not just take someone's word for it. I always recommend, even for my puppies, that people verify. Test results for Fanconi and PRA DNA tests are public posted at www.ofa.org. You need only the registered name and/or registration number. Here is a link for one of my girls so you can see what it looks like.

He is such a pretty pretty boy!

If the price of having him registered is neutering then forget the papers. Who cares? It's also quite possible that he'll end up being quite the specimen and your breeder or some other breeder will want him intact. It's hard to say at this age but he is super handsome. And he looks like he's already in charge! LOL

No reason to neuter a male Basenji. No reason to spay a female either but there can be some inconvenience. What's funny is that these days it's more likely to see a contract provision prohibiting spay/neuter than requiring it. Times have changed as we understand the issues more fully.

@sandy-hovis said in Hello from Doug and Atlas:

Basenji’s are one tough little cookie with all their idiosyncrasies....it almost seems you don’t teach them, they teach you the how to’s of what not to do with a Basenji..... These little guys and gals, are amazing to me still. I marvel at how smart, agile, fast, stealthy and beautifully regal they are..2 years in and still learning.
.....and I wouldn’t change a thing.

I think it's easier to think of a Basenji as a member of a family of dogs who by breeding have learned to hunt and problem solve on their own, as opposed to those dogs bred to work closely in conjunction with humans. For the former, ignoring you and figuring things out for themselves is a survival skill, though not always one we appreciate in the moment! LOL

@donc - Not True it is very common to have the contract require spay neuter and breeders should also always get the papers. Too many unethical people that would buy a purebred and then become a Backyard Breeder just to make money on selling puppies. But I will agree that even in a contract, will not stop BYB's or PuppyMills as they will just use one of the "off" registrations for their litters... because they don't care about registrations with AKC and many people that purchase a puppy have no idea that it is important. In the US, I have never seen a contract that "prohibited" spay/neuter unless on a show puppy and to be used by responsible people for breeding with the agreement of the breeder, AFTER all health testing is done and the pup has its championship and/or performance titles. It is also typical that the breeder is a co-owner on the pup. The issue with the papers is that they should have been passed at the time of sale. When spay/neuter happens in the end is up to the owners. I do not recommend too early but sorry to say, in my contracts on a pet puppy the contract gives an age when the pup should be spayed/neutered. I have been in the breed for 30+ years... and this is what I have always done with the pups I have bred/raised. I know that others have different opinions... but this is mine and I stick to it!

Not sure I understand this comment you made "It's also quite possible that he'll end up being quite the specimen and your breeder or some other breeder will want him intact.".. If not registered in the US with AKC there is NO responsible breeder that would want to breed to him... also without health testings. And certainly with a breeder that puts that stipulation in a contract that they would not provide the papers, certainly I would never let them use the pup either.

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Congrats guys, I think you are a lucky man.

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