• I introduced Prince to you a few minutes ago. He will be 5 months old on 05/07/20. How do I enforce "NO" and "OFF" with real meaning...as far as he is concerned those words have as much value as "green" and "forest". I have tried lowering my voice, growling and he just looks at me and cocks his head and goes on. I shun him and he comes around to my front and keeps going in circles as I turn my back on him. He has now learned to shun me when he does not approve of my behavior. I want to keep him off certain areas of my space -- i.e.desk, bed (which are now fair game because of his long legs),and stop the actual biting of my hands and forearms. Now using bitter apple, which works, but would like like "no" and "stop" to work. I do not want aggression to rears its ugly head because he does not respond to behavior commands. I enter doorways before him and eat in his presence before the does o establish pack order. I welcome your suggestions and helps. Obedience training has been suspended after 2 lessons because of covid19.

  • There are a lot of resources on line to help you train your dog. You enforce "no" and "off" by removing the offending canine from the place you don't want him to be. If you don't want to pick him up to do this, leave a leash on him so you can lead him off. You must be consistent. Do not allow him on places you don't want him to go. It isn't fair to expect him to know the rules if they are always changing! If you have been inconsistent, expect that it will take longer before he figures out that you really mean it! That said, most Basenjis want to be on the bed with you, or the couch, and it will be difficult to keep him away. If it is an absolute must, then keep him out of that room when you can't supervise. Teach him the basic commands, "come", "sit" "stay" etc. There are lots of methods. I recommend clicker training to teach new behaviours because usually dogs learn quickly. Once they understand, then it is up to you to build reliable obedience. Certain commands are never optional, particularly "come" and "no".

  • I have to laugh at this and while I understand that some want to limit where their pup goes... I will tell you a story about my C-Me... when we brought her home (plane ride from Ohio to California in cabin (sherpa bag) and we brought her into the house... she immediately (at 11wks) climbed on a chair and kitchen table and immediately sat there as if to say "I can if I want!. My first Tri did the same... but she never bothered us when eating as that was not acceptable .... To this day if she feels the need to let us know that if she wants she can sit on the table... she does! My pups will typically get on chairs and if my desk where I have my extra pair of glasses... I learned pretty quick (30+ yrs ago) to push the chairs in.... glasses are a favorite because your human scent is on the ear pieces... and therefore they are taken and chewed... think of it this way, if they are acceptable... any item is fair game... dogs of any breed do NOT know the difference...

  • Daureen - there are a number on online training classes that you can do.... Here is an excerpt from a very close friend (that we placed a pup with many years ago when she was looking for a new bitch for her pack, she is a breeder and also has raised show/performance/obedience Basenjis and throw in one Border Terrier... LOL) that I asked her for these suggests for a recent puppy owner of one of our litter from December... bit long but great information

    Hi, yes! I have been concerned about my puppy buyers as well, no kindergarten classes for who knows how long. Here are some options I sent them just this week. One is a FB live chat that starts in just 12 min! (will be available for replay of course).

    Wed night problem solving chats with Sarah Stremming: 5 pm on FB https://www.facebook.com/thecognitivecanine/
    This week she's going to focus on socializing puppies during COVID-19. In a future week she's going to do crate training, and another week she'll do nails, etc. She's doing this on a donation basis - free unless you want to send her some $.

    Here is an affordable puppy class that is not just auditing but an actual weekly online class. I know Helen, she knows Basenjis, a She's limiting it to 4 students, it starts NEXT Wed - She's fixing her website because it says Thursdays. She was going to start tonight but didn't get the word out early enough. I actually really hope you choose this. https://www.redmondpuppytraining.com/remote-video-training-1?fbclid=IwAR0GGbgWGFCSZwZTLpNyaitH1MRDlSRcREsvBPfTA2mv-CTinUVyGxbadi0

    I like this - digestible short lessons, search podcasts by topics for behavior problem solving ideas https://www.playtimepaws.com/new-puppy-podcast/

    MadCap University / Puppy Culture
    This is a free 4 week course that started last weekend by one of the best known puppy raisers in the world, and she set this up for free BECAUSE puppy classes are being cancelled everywhere. You have to set up an account and go through the "shop" and click all the buttons to "purchase" the class, but then they do not even take a credit card.
    She knows her stuff very well, but as a course it seems slow to get started and maybe too much talking, but the rationale behind everything is worth listening to. Perhaps Week 2 will have more content, I haven't watched it yet. Future weeks you can catch it live and ask questions.

    Foundation trick training workshop - $30, video released Apr 5, watch at your leisure, submit any written questions by next sunday Apr 12, then watch the feedback video after Apr 19th. I like this because she goes over the basics of how to get / teach behavior that is really applicable to anything, and it's jam packed with things to do with your puppy. : https://www.fenzidogsportsacademy.com/index.php/courses/26694

    Here is a free ebook by a collection of the instructors at Fenzi - I take A LOT of classes from Fenzi - again you can search by subject: https://www.fenzidogsportsacademy.com/index.php/self-study/growing-up-fdsa-free-ebook

    If you look through the online classes at Fenzi and have any questions let me know. There is also a puppy class in "self study" called Baby Genius - just look at the sample lectures to get an idea.

    Finally, Below are links to a variety of training videos of Clover (currently 12 weeks) and I, and I try to narrate how I teach it. I will make a point to keep posting skill training videos publicly as long as it's helping someone. Normally I wouldn't post public videos, so if you see something embarassing or comprises my privacy that I should take down let me know. I'm adding more content as I train my own puppy

    It's Yer Choice - teaching self control: https://youtu.be/UzVNz4v7_0Q
    Get on a Platform - https://youtu.be/RJx9sXMG_VI
    Hand Touches - https://youtu.be/83eOvI0J_Zs
    Go to a mat - https://youtu.be/kcOW5cCqiHc
    Learning name, and Up-Down - https://youtu.be/uCcqqz-NcCc
    Teaching Down - https://youtu.be/sqTaX7hSFNM
    Chin Rest - another self control skill - https://youtu.be/S46imZqM13w
    Beginning Recall https://youtu.be/ezujYVDrGpc
    toenails Toenail Tuesday

  • Also Daureen, if you have not it would be great if you advised Sally of your pups breeding so she can add to her database for pedigrees... here is a link if you would like to see/review the site... if you want you can look up my pups on this site... just type in the name Tanza and/or Jamaa. Opps, here is the site http://www.pedigrees.zandebasenjis.com/ All of us breeders use this site all the time... daily especially when looking for possible breedings.

  • @daureen
    First and foremost, congrats on your new pup....I am one that is seeking behavioral advice too. So I feel your pain
    #1- Be sure to get the right trainer...
    #-2 if you relish it, think it is important, costly, personal and or if in their site they can and will get it.
    I swear they can stretch 7 feet tall grab go and show you their trophy. Realistically consider nothing is safe.
    I have a baby gate on my sewing room door that swings open. This might be helpful. A gate will be new and might take a few months for them to fig out they can jump it, if a serious jumper. Good luck. Stay with it.
    Thank goodness, Thor doesn’t know he can jump. He has but only twice. The Basenji 500 is a nightly run. We keep treats all over the house, maybe? If food is an initiator.

  • @tanza said in Prince and Daureen,:

    I have to laugh at this and while I understand that some want to limit where their pup goes... I will tell you a story about my C-Me... when we brought her home (plane ride from Ohio to California in cabin (sherpa bag) and we brought her into the house... she immediately (at 11wks) climbed on a chair and kitchen table and immediately sat there as if to say "I can if I want!. My first Tri did the same...

    And I had to laugh at this!
    Must be something about those CA basenjis - Jaadi was the first dog I ever met that jumped on the kitchen table. No running leap, just a jump!.

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