• I took Goober to the family farm for memorial day weekend. On sunday we were sitting on the porch drinking beer when a bear started poking around in the garbage. I tied Goob to the porch while my uncle, cousin and I went to go shoot birdshot at the bear until it went away. We returned to find our beers empty and Goober whineing happily. Then he went and jumped in the pond.

  • What a thief! :p Next time, put your beers away. I hope Gooby will be OK.

  • Ha ha ha on you. You should have known-put your beers away up high out of reach. Hope he had a good time. (hope he's okay too! I know one b who was a lush for alcohol)

  • My B's don't care for beer, but don't leave your wine glass within reach

  • cute story. Dash steals anything we have. It doesn't matter what it is. If I eat it, he will eat it, or at least take it and hide it somewhere.

  • Mine are into coffee LOL :D….right BBoy??

  • wow, great story!

    did you basenji see the bear or smell it? how did he react?

  • I don't think he saw the bear. it was 100/150 yards away. he's also never seen a bear before.

  • My hubby can leave a can of beer on the table and Sahara will NOT bother it, but you better watch that coffee if you plan on drinking more. Sahara will lap it up as fast as she can, she must like the hazelnut creamer.

  • Jack hates beer, tho all my husbands Navy friends try to get jack drunk…(men lol) he LOVES milk tho! He loves ice cubes too...its funny to watch him eat them...esp. when they get too cold, lol

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