Experiencing Anxiety Separation from my Basenji girl

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@allanc Yes I read the post twice, I just wasnt sure I was reading it correctly. Confused myself on why a dog would go back because it is having health problems.

On a forum such as this, one only ever knows what one is told. I, too, read the post twice.

What we were told was that an elderly, sick Basenji had been sent back to a rescue home. That fact, as it stands with or without any unknown background, cries to Heaven for vengeance.

Let's not be too hasty, I said I was confused as to why such a thing would happen. She said the dog was ill, it had behavior changes. It could be the dog was aggressive. I know when my dog gets her heart worm medication she doesnt want to be bothered at all for the day after, and will give a soft growl if you get too close. Maybe this dog was becoming a little aggressive and snapping because it wasnt feeling well. Maybe the treatment is very time consuming and best for the dog to be in a place where there are people who can provide that kind of time, and care. This I would understand, Havent we all had to leave an animal at the vet for the day so they can run test/provide treatment???
The confusing part to me is that she sounds like she will not get this dog back.......maybe the illness is terminal and they are making the dog as comfortable as they can until the dog passes? Some would say it would be more humane to put the dog down if this were the case, but I know some people just cannot do that. So let's not be too hasty. I am not judging, or at least trying very hard not to.

I don't want to be judgemental, however, on the face of it she took in a 4 year old dog, kept it for ten years, loved it to bits then handed it in to a rescue centre when it became ill and difficult and now wants a puppy. This more equates to owning a second hand car than a dog so I'm afraid I will never understand her reasoning. A dog which you've lived with and loved deserves so much more.

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This will be my last post. It is apparent you will NEVER understand what has happened

You never really explained what happened. Just that you gave back your dog and wanted another one.... which left us all to our own imagination. So, I appologize if we let our concerns run wild. Please understand, it was concern. We all love our dogs, same as you.

Having more of the story filled in, and IMHO, it sounds like your B was asserting dominance in your relationship. Basenji's really aren't a good breed for the timid. I do not know you personally, so I have no way to assist you in finding a more appropriate breed. But please take the time to evaluate a variety of breed options, matched to your specific needs, before you rush off to get a new puppy.

I only wish you the best.
(we really aren't a horrible group)

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Bakagi was my 'Comfort doggie'. We were getting ready to go out together to spend time with some of the traumatized children (AND Adults) to whom I knew she could bring so much comfort just as she had brought to me.

You do realize what a strain it is for a dog to absorb emotions at that level, right? I mean, yeah... dogs provide comfort, but you can't expect any dog to be right there to make you feel good every minute of the day. And the idea that she would go, from being your companion, into an environment where she would be expected to comfort dozens of strangers (all of whom would be invading her space)? Basenji's are typically fantastic within the family structure, but exposed to that many strangers? And you were expecting her to let them pet her and be "in her face" when those very strangers were traumatized themselves? Your poor dog was probably scared to death. I don't think Basenji's are the right kind of dog for that type of environment.

IMHO, this isn't about you. It's about how you are treating the dog and what your expectations are. Perhaps you could get a dog (that's not a Basenji) to take to your workplace? Lots of dogs would be great with that... I just don't think a Basenji is one of them.

@mvdperez What is written by any of our members is directly related to what you write. It is unlikely that any/many of us know you personally. My response, and the responses of others in our group, have been focused on our concerns for your dog. In this instance, you wrote about how you depend on your dog to provide you comfort and that you intend for your dog to do the same for large groups of strangers. There are dogs who would excell in that type of job. However, my understanding of this breed would indicate that Basenji's are not "cut out for that". Why would you think I was "unkind", "demeaning", or "angry" for saying so? Or are you just upset because I didn't agree with you?

Note: I typically discuss things like this in a private chatroom, but your chat is turned off. I didn't delete the post defending yourself, but I did delete 12 posts that were identical to that one. I have also edited out all of the graphical references to your job and your religious "advice" because it isn't related to our community topic and it shows a lack of respect for our global community.

If you read your posts, in fact ALL of the posts directed towards me, they have been extremely derogatory & confrontational. Whenever / wherever I took my little girl with me to spend time with the Elderly, etc. (NEVER in large groups), she was a happy little girl. If more people showed up, she was even happier. Why? Because she ADORED the attention. It was how she was when we had gatherings @ our home. We NEVER had to kennel her because she wanted to be with EVERY one. She is just a social doggie. I do know there are other Basenji who are not however, whenever we have gone to the CBR Reunion, there were MANY stories like ours. Even CBR did NOT consider it a bad idea for her to go with me. In fact, they thought it was good for her because they knew she was SAFE with me AND they knew I take EXCELLENT care of her & would NEVER EVER let anyone harm her. They also know what a little socialite she is & knew she would LOVE it. Now, if I had a Basenji who was NOT social, OF COURSE, I would NEVER EVER force them into a situation into which they were not comfortable. That would be emotional suicide for the dog. So please do not treat me like an idiot. I am an extremely educated woman - most especially regarding this breed. Yet everyone on this topic has treated me with such disrespect & assumption as if I were completely ignorant or without feeling about the breed, about my Basenji. I even hesitate in calling her mine because I have never considered her to be a possession. She has ALWAYS been a member of our family - from day one. So, delete all you want Ms. Brant. This Forum is not my entire world. [deleted religious banter]

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