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    Being gone for 10 hours a day would be a RED FLAG if you’re interested in adopting a basenji. I would never leave my basenji or any dog alone for that period of time. It would be like leaving a child a lone for 10 hours - and I consider my basenji to be my child. You might want to reconsider adopting a dog when you can devote more time - it’s not fair to the dog.

  • They are right, Basenjis can really display anxiety issues if left alone...my guy has just leaving him at home for 2 hours...

  • If it is a Basenji, I would consider another breed of dog.

    Stafford-Ames Morse

  • NOT a Basenji. They should be with you as much as possible. I never leave mine for more than 4 hours and even that is very, very rarely.

    These are hunting hounds, pack dogs. They will bond with you and form a pack, even if it is just you and the B. But I beg you - find another breed, Basenjis should not be subjected to the sort of life you lead.

    Read the many articles on my website, including the Put-Off and 'Doing the Breed a Disservice' -

    Carry on making friends with your friends' dogs, but until you have more time to spend with a dog of your own, think again - carefully - if you can really, honestly, commit to full time ownership of a dog, and then decide against a Basenji.

  • You mention younger siblings, what about your parents? Can they care for the dog when you’re not home?

  • Hello Basenji Whisperers, I really love your love for our B-pack hounds! I'm so thankful for the many hours I've gotten to spend with our new B-Boy Imo. I believe I'm now a member of his pack... I hope I've made the cut. He does seem to enjoy when I whistle a tune, I think it's enjoyment... let's just say he hasn't peed on my favorite shirt, yet. ☺

    Some of you may recall my prior "Thin Skin" call for help... Here's an exciting update... My wise partner Lee, being the observant man he is, devised a behavioral (on our part) response that has resulted in a significant decrease in my skin removal. Imo is very empathetic, when he sinks his teeth in; mostly when excited and playing, we don't pull away or say anything, we make eye contact. His bite softens and he lets go! It's amazing. Take good care all! Best, Paul

  • I love my Basenji mix, but ohhh myyyy she has anxiety.. It comes with the breed. You combine that with their intelligence, proneness to getting bored, and if they're a chewer; you're gonna have a rough time being gone all the time..

    Basenji's are not just a dog, or a pet, they are your pack. They have a pack mentality and like a pack you gotta stay together (as much as you realistically can). For me it's perfect because I love to just be at home, and have my B at my side...

    Speak of the lil bugger, she's next to me right now as I type this. 🙂


    There are so many breeds out there, do some research and find one that fits your lifestyle.. (My other resscue thats a rhodesian ridgeback/lab/shepard mix (I think) is hella chill, doesn't chew a thing, no anxiety, and doesn't mind when I'm out of the house.)

    THANK YOU for taking the time to really consider a Basenji before making a decision, hope this helps, good luck!

  • @thepugsmuggler
    She looks so cute all curled up!

  • I have to agree that a Basenji as a first dog is going to be "challenging". They are happiest when they are with you, and they can be destructive when they aren't happy. Being alone 10 hours/day would be an undesirable lifestyle for this breed.

    I outlined an exercise for you. Think about your answers to the questions. It will help you decide if you are ready for a dog. It's okay if you aren't ready "right now". You can get a dog in a few years, or when your schedule is better suited for it. The point is for you to form a conclusion on whether you are ready now, or not.

    Imagine your typical day with your dog: Waking up to a (daily) 3 mile run with adequate time for toileting. Feeding your dog, providing a bit of one-on-one, and then heading off to work/classes. Return home, walk your dog, play wtih them a bit, and take them to your sports activities with you. Either setting up a safe place outside so your dog can watch, or allowing them to engage with you (depending on the sport). Returning home, toileting, some one-on-one exercise (walk, run, training, play, etc.), hanging out together while you (do homework, play video games, text friends, eat dinner, do laundry, etc.), some one-on-one time, and sleeping.

    Is this something you can do - every day - no matter what?
    Is your heart set on a puppy? (Puppies need a different schedule.)
    Would you would consider adopting an adult dog instead?
    What is it about a Basenji that made you pick this dog breed?
    What about the time for a job so you can afford a dog (food, treats, shots, medical care, etc.)?

    The answers are for you, not for me. Just be honest with yourself. I'm an adult and I waited five (5) years before I brought home my Basenji.

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