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@zande, how do you handle having males and females at that time. It was hard watching my boy acting completely different, he didn’t even want to eat and boy he loves to eat.

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Although it was the 1st for my girl, I knew a couple of weeks before, slight changes in her attitude. I am able to communicate well with her. I am sure the 2nd time is going to be different. My boy had no experience so it took him longer. It’s so difficult to make a decision. I am so torn about it. Wondering if next time is going to be harder.

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I believe keeping a close eye and noticing their hormonal changes is really the key to preventing unwanted litters. Especially for females. Males do show signs too and you just have to be vigilant during that time.

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I have a male and female and experienced heat season for the first time and it lasted 6 weeks! My boy is the sweetest, gentleman. She became very attached to me. On the last two weeks or so, he became insane and all he could think about was getting to her. She hated him and did not want him near her. We did a great job at keeping eye on them at all times, sleeping in separate rooms, hanging out in separate rooms, and doggy diapers helped, separate walks...After going through it; I am now debating which one to spay or neuter. I really don’t want to put them through it. Other than when she is in heat, we love their personalities just the way they are and they are developing so well.

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We got our two puppies from Skywalker Basenjis in Hogansburg, NY. The breeder’s name is Dwayne and he has been wonderful. Our puppies are now 12 months old now.

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