Hi Basenji Friends and a question about pooping problems

  • Hi. I'm a new member, and I have a question about diarhea, pooping in the house, etc. My adopted Basenji mix, Pedro, one year, four months old, seems to have a somewhat irritable bowel, I guess.

    I've had him now about one month, and lately he has had two accidents in the house (otherwise he appeared house-trained). I have been feeding him twice a day a modest amount of cooked chicken with Nature's Variety New Zealand dry kibble (Venison meal and other stuff, with a freeze-dried raw coating). He loves it. A few days ago I ran out of chicken, and substituted some cooked people food roast beef.

    Can they digest beef? It seems to have triggered some digestive troubles, although Pedro does not seem to be distressed.

    I sense that these dogs need continuity and similarity in meals. What do you suggest as the best diet to keep from surprising him in the night. At least he was smart about the accidents–he did one on the bath mat in the bathroom, and the other in the hallway on the way to the bath.

    Thanks for your thoughts.:)

  • They can digest beef, but it just might not have reacted well with his system. Was the roast seasoned? Seasoning can have a reaction with systems.

    Also some dogs can have a system reaction to even a simple change to diet.

  • Welcome to the forum…I can't advise you personally, but I believe there are many threads about that issue, maybe to a search on some keywords and you should come up with some suggestions! This is a great site to learn, share and have fun. Looking forward to seeing pictures of your pup! Lots of luck with his issue...

  • Any time I've changed food, I've done it over a period of about two weeks. My last B had a mild case of IBD, and any quick change in food would bring on a bout of the runs.

  • my guys have problem with beef - but i thought chicken wasn't the best thing for basenji's?

  • Beef is low on the list of digestable meats for dogs. This will definitely trigger problems if he is not used to it or has a problem digesting it.

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