New and have a couple questions :)

  • Hello all, my name is Travis and I live in Florida.

    I'm considering getting one of these incredible dogs and I just had a couple quick questions. When I was younger I had a jack russell for a short time mix and he was awesome. He had a very deep bark and was definitely in my opinion a dog that I felt would protect me to his fullest. Despite being only 19 pounds he would stand and defend me when the neighbors 60 pound german shepherds were out running around and he would actually scare them off and not be frightened at all, that really impressed me. He also broke several leashes for 70 lb dogs when he would bolt after squirrels.

    I was wondering if Basenjis are similar to that, and are sort of a big dog in a smaller dogs body. Some websites say they are courageous, others do not, so i'm not to sure and would appreciate an owners opinion. I also see some different answers when it comes to whether or not they are loving. I understand because of their independence they might not be the most loyal in regards to commands, but will a basenji be capable of forming a loving bond with me?

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