Please pray & help me find another comfort doggie

Hello everyone. It has been awhile since I have visited the forum. I have been the proud 'Mommy' of a beautiful red-and-white female Basenji I rescued from CBR nine (9) years ago. She is now 14 years-old & last year, due to a progressive kidney disease which led to some unpredictable behavioral issues, after much discussion with Peggy @ CBR, she felt it best my little girl (who is now wearing diapers) remain with her. This has been a DEVASTATING decision for me. I cannot count the number of sleepless, agonizing nights I have experienced without her here. For those of you who have shared your lives with one of these amazing creatures (I refuse to call them dogs because they are so much more), you know they weave their special personalities into your hearts. And so, my little Muwana wa Bakagi Mulenga0_1583849153461_Bakagi in her Bed.jpg (her name in Swahili - which translates to her original name of Pretty Girl), has done so. She has left her 'paw prints' upon my heart forever. In working with & speaking to Peggy, she feels I should look for a young Basenji - preferably a male puppy (yay!) or a young male. colour does not matter. But one who is well-socialized. I work with the Human Sexual Trafficking of Children & my Basenji companion, as was my Bakagi, will also be my 'Comfort Doggie' & travel with me not only to bring comfort to these homeless, traumatized & rescued children, but also to the elderly. I can think of no doggie more loving & caring than a Basenji. I cannot begin to describe how many special moments my Bakagi & I shared together. I have sent several messages to Laurie @ SkyHigh Basenjis here in Colorado with no response. In looking @ her website, it does not appear she has had a litter since November of 2017. With Bakagi being a rescue from CBR & Peggy not currently having any young males available, I am at a loss as to what to do. To those who have never been in this situation, I cannot begin to describe the sadness, emptiness & sense of loss I feel without my Bakagi. As far as working with a Breeder, I am not looking for a Champion, but I AM looking for a puppy or young male who is well-socialized & free of Fanconi (of course). Even my Doctor told me she can see a difference in my Blood Pressure with Bakagi's absence. Therefore, for those of you who believe in the Power of Prayer, I am asking for prayers that God send me the perfect little male Basenji to share his life with me. Blessings to you all!

I am so sorry for your loss I was looking forward to adopting a Basenji after a loss af my last shar pei at 12+ but it never happened and I got a pup off Craigslist.. someone was trading her for kids toys and guess what she is a great dog, 7 m.o at this point. She is a German Shepherd...

This little girl may not fit your criteria but she is not horribly far from you in Arizona, at TarSha Basenjis.

Hold fast, steel yourself. I have a B, about 12ish ( a BRAT rescue), who was diagnosed about 7 weeks ago with lymphoma. Treating him with prednisone and supplements, but I'm still trying to wrap my own head around the endgame. I've already figured what I'll do for <him> to transition when it's time, dunno about me.

The sad but inescapable fact of living with dogs or cats is that they'll live nowhere nearly as long as their human. Maybe they're here to teach us about love AND loss. Something to think about, myself included. I've seen many beloved pets in my life pass, either from accident or age, never had to euthanize one. All I know is that it's on us to allow them the best transition out of this life as we can.

I too will be looking to bring another B into our lives. My SO thinks we're getting to the age that we don't need another dog. We will argue this, I intend to prevail. I WILL. Dogs bring so much love and beauty into our lives, we tend to take them for granted. I do not. It's a heavy burden, and you'll never know the weight you carry until the end. You enjoy the light of their lives all these years, but they're dimmed much earlier than you ever think.

Prayers indeed. For you, yours, me and mine.

Thoughts and prayers are with you and Swahili.i can’t imagine what you’re going through.🙏🐾🐕

You and your sweet Bakagi are in my prayers. I hope you will find loving companion who will find a home in your heart. Basenjis are just the best for doing that!

You are all so very wonderful.You have no idea how very comforting your words are to me. I was preparing to go to CBR when this health crisis hit us. The President has now announced even more restrictions, so hold on to your doggies. I pray you all have enough provisions to take care of them, yourselves & your families.

Wow. Having to deal with a doggie with Lymphoma. I was unaware they could even contract Lymphoma! You will most definitely be in my thoughts and my prayers. That would be a hard one for me to deal with. I have never had to put a dog down. We had a red Tabby cat who had been hit by a car & lost a leg we had to put down. My son did not understand at all. He asked me if he lost his leg would we do the same thing to him? Oh my goodness, that has stayed with me all of these years. I have learned we cannot allow our emotions to govern our reason when making these decisions, and PRAY. Blessings to you all :0)

With what I do can't take on a Basenji with more problems than my Bakagi. However, she is a beautiful doggie & am certain someone will wish to rescue her. Reddie - my Mom & my husband both had German Shepherds. They are great & wonderful dogs. Very loyal. Good watch dogs (something you really need right now! It's good you got her as a puppy. Shocks me someone would want to trade her for 'toys' (????) Thank Heavens you came along!

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