Boston, MA - Looking for Female (Red & White) Under 4yr

We recently welcomed a 2 year old male basenji to our home, and are looking to find a female basenji companion for him. Preferably, we'd like a red & white female, though we'd be interested in brindles as well. We'd also highly prefer a dog close in age to ours, so a young adult in the 1-3 year range would be ideal. If you could please let us know if you have any females available, we would greatly appreciate it, and we would be happy to bring our male to visit your dogs and see if they are a good match.


I don't know of any dogs, but wanted to wish you welcome onboard..glad to have you and your little boy here.

Welcome, I am sorry I do not know of any dogs but hope you find what your looking for. Please let us all know post us a few pictures. Good Luck.

What about looking into BRAT for your new family member.

Rita Jean

There are some listings on The Basenji website. Mostly males but there is a young female in Viginia listed. It says 8 months old but the listing was made a month ago.

If you apply to BRAT we can review all the dogs we currently have in foster care for the one that will work for you. Many dogs haven't quite made it to the site yet.

Another place to look is the breeder directory on the BCOA website. Sometimes breeders that are listed there have adults available - varying ages from young to old.

I have a little female about 9 months old. I really need to find her a home but she will only be going to a home I thoroughly check. If youd like to contact me we can talk about her more in depth. Id love to hear from you. please feel free to email or call. 605 999 8149 –

Good luck in your search!

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