Wanted red/white female near WI

I am looking for a red/white basenji female, but would consider a different color. Any information you would have please feel free to contact me. johnson8903@yahoo.com


Please contact BRAT. They can help you. Check the website. http://www.basenjirescue.org/

I with you on that. I live in Racine and I'm having difficult times finding breeders or basenjis in the area. My goal is to try to meet the dog or pup first. I find it hard to blankly say i will adopt or buy over the internet. I have a female, Isis. I want her to be able to bond with the potential dog or al least get along so…..potentials are limited....so I understand..... When I get info I will let you know thanks



Another good place to start might be BCOSW.
There is a pretty extensive breeder directory there, and if those breeders do not have puppy plans, they can probably direct you to others who do.
You may need to wait to get the right puppy from the right breeder, but be patient.
or on facebook:

Maybe you can come to our fun match in April and meet some of our members.

Of course adoption is always a great option too.


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