Please pray & help me find another comfort doggie

I am so sorry for your loss I was looking forward to adopting a Basenji after a loss af my last shar pei at 12+ but it never happened and I got a pup off Craigslist.. someone was trading her for kids toys and guess what she is a great dog, 7 m.o at this point. She is a German Shepherd...

This little girl may not fit your criteria but she is not horribly far from you in Arizona, at TarSha Basenjis.

Hold fast, steel yourself. I have a B, about 12ish ( a BRAT rescue), who was diagnosed about 7 weeks ago with lymphoma. Treating him with prednisone and supplements, but I'm still trying to wrap my own head around the endgame. I've already figured what I'll do for <him> to transition when it's time, dunno about me.

The sad but inescapable fact of living with dogs or cats is that they'll live nowhere nearly as long as their human. Maybe they're here to teach us about love AND loss. Something to think about, myself included. I've seen many beloved pets in my life pass, either from accident or age, never had to euthanize one. All I know is that it's on us to allow them the best transition out of this life as we can.

I too will be looking to bring another B into our lives. My SO thinks we're getting to the age that we don't need another dog. We will argue this, I intend to prevail. I WILL. Dogs bring so much love and beauty into our lives, we tend to take them for granted. I do not. It's a heavy burden, and you'll never know the weight you carry until the end. You enjoy the light of their lives all these years, but they're dimmed much earlier than you ever think.

Prayers indeed. For you, yours, me and mine.

Thoughts and prayers are with you and Swahili.i can’t imagine what you’re going through.🙏🐾🐕

You and your sweet Bakagi are in my prayers. I hope you will find loving companion who will find a home in your heart. Basenjis are just the best for doing that!

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