• Halloween is one of the craziest, most fun, holidays in the USA. I don't know anyone who doesn't smile when remembering their childhood Halloweens. Not all the memories are great, but there always seems to be at least one that makes you smile. Now... I know we can't take our B's "Trick or Treating", but most cities have "Doggy Costume Contests" and so I ask. What kind of costume ideas do you have for your B? I need some ideas!

    ps/ I would love to see pics of anyone who "dresses up your dog" this season...

  • Many years ago, at a dog show i had three bitches in costume their costumes were cookies. An oreo, a chocolate chip and plain cookie. I was dressed as a carton of milk and wore a sign that said. Got milk, which was a famous commercial at the time. The girls did not care for costumes and .".." quit half way through the parade. Cookies all over the place . Funny memories none the less.

  • When my daughter was 10-11, we went to the Basenji National, I think in Indianapolis. She showed in Juniors at the time, and I think showed a few of our adults too.

    They had a costume contest (it was before Halloween) and she and our Spicer entered. I made her a Dorothy outfit, and Spicer's 'witch' outfit. I attached a 'gown', to a dark lure coursing shirt (sorry, forget what they are called), that dragged on the floor when he walked. I
    took some glow in the dark paint and wrote on the gown

    She's 32 now, married, and I gave the dog stuff to her a couple of years ago. You'll just have to take my word for it, they were adorable!

    Oh, for the next couple of years when the kids went trick or treating, Spicer got to go, wearing his costume too. He held his head so high, I like to think he was so proud that he won the costume contest. After all, Monica was cute, but HE won!

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