Halloween fairies

My best friend Steph and I (in orange shirt) with a couple of lovely fairies

Sweet purple fairy minus the long hair

Cost of costumes: $4 each. All items purchased at Dollar Tree đŸ˜ƒ


Your fairies are so cute! I fear that Cory and Jayden would have eaten their costumes….especially my boll weevil, Jayden. They did enjoy seeing the trick or treaters at the door. We had to keep them on their leashes in the house to keep them from escaping.

We used to dress up our Basset Hound, Mitzi, every year and she enjoyed all the attention that it got her. She was a tri-color with a lot of black on her back. We dressed her up as a bumble bee one year and both she and the kids coming to the door loved it.


Oh, Robyn, tooo cute!

I hope your dogs aren't as vindictive as I fear mine would be. I guess I could dress up Jet as he's "retired" from agility.

They are sooo adorable, fantastic costumes!!!

How cute!!!! Lola would NEVER tolerate that… she would fake choke the whole time. And Booger would roll his eyes.

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