Cognitive Dysfunction

Mine did the same thing but they said she may have a tumor or cancer. It came down to incident where Little Debbie came up missing. I came home from work and We could hear her yodeling. I looked all over for her. It was snowing outside. My son and I realized we didn't check the window wells as we have a doggie door. She had climbed under the bench that covered the window well. She was stuck and covered in snow. We didn't know how long. I got her out. She walked away like nothing happened. The outcome could have been worse had I not come home. We took a look at her quality of life and if we could keep her safe. My cuddle buddy could no longer be cuddled. We did what was best for her and the pack.

Talk to the vet by all means but remember, letting them go with dignity is the last chance you get to show these incredible animals how much you love them.

I have had. . . . LOTS of Basenjis over almost 40 years - up to 8 at a time. One and all they have indicated that their time has come and asked for help to cross the Bridge. Some have been 17, 16, 15, 14 years old. The youngest was about 10.5.

But there comes a time when we have to do the 'best' for our beloved pets. NOT the best for us, which might mean not helping them leave us cos we can't bear to part with them.

We owe it to our Basenjis never to keep them going when the time has come.

Good luck in making the right decision.

@zande said in Cognitive Dysfunction:

We owe it to our Basenjis never to keep them going when the time has come.

Good luck in making the right decision.

A very wise friend once told me, when I was struggling with this decision, that it was better to wonder if you made it too soon than know for sure you had left it too late. I have been guilty of that a couple of times, which helped me when I had to let my last boy go....

Never, ever easy, and I miss him every day.

If you are on Facebook, there is a Canine Cognitive Dysfunction support group. Great help. They gave me lots of info
when I was going through this with my Jenna. She was "almost" 17. She ate like there was no tomorrow, but would get
stuck in places and at times couldn't seem to figure out how to get out.
She had a seizure one night before I got home from work, and had found her on the floor (which was not a cause for
concern), but found she had been attacked by my other 2 b's. There was blood, but not bad. Couldn't find any puncture
wounds. I got her in the tub with warm water, very little water, as she HATES water. Got her cleaned up as best as I could.
I think with all that was going on with her, and with the seizure and being attacked, it was just too much for her poor body
to handle. She had crossed the bridge before morning. I know she's at peace now, and has a new whole body. It just
feels strange and weird from going from 3 basenji's, down to 2. Jenna was always under or around my feet. I find myself
still looking for her at times.
Good luck with your pup. He will let you know when its time. He will stop eating and drinking; among other things. My oldest basenji now will be 15 on Nov 30. Semi deaf, eye's are semi cloudy, but can still see. So far he's not showing any
signs of this disease. My youngest b will be 9 in Dec.

Reading all these statements on aging basenjis has now made me aware of the aging of my own dog. My Kembe is currently 13 years 9 months. These are some of the changes I have noticed in the past several months:

  1. No longer can jump on our bed
  2. I have to carry her down the stairs in our house (will go up stairs - unless she’s really tired)
  3. Doesn’t need her “puzzle bowl” to eat - use to eat too fast & needed a puzzle bowl to slow her down.
  4. Changed from 80% kibble & 20% wet - to 60% kibble & 40% wet
  5. Lymphomas and little warts on her body and her little face is now white.
    Overall she is in excellent shape - she still walks 3 Xs a day and puts in a total of 3 - 4 miles per day. She is eager to go for her walks and still wants to chase squirrels and rabbits. My vet says she’s in excellent shape for her age and said her daily exercise routine and maintaining her weight were contributing factors.
    I can not imagine my life without this dog - she brings me so much happiness and I sympathize with those of you that have to make difficult decisions as your babies age. 🐾🐕

I_ totally empathise with all of you regarding canine dementia. The vet first obviously but please have a look at the Facebook page where you will find loads of helpful advice. I have stayed as a member after Tifi died (naturally, I should add) purely to be able to give help where I can.
I was at my wits' end when totally out of character she seriously attacked her brother who previously she adored. I consulted a behaviourist who was not at all useful. I was considering having her put down but then heard of a book 'Remember Me' by Eileen Anderson that I mention in my earlier post.
It was a turning point for Tifi and me. I joined the CCD Facebook group and found others very helpful.
She improved using various medicines and techniques and went on to have a happy life until finally her kidney function packed up and she died very peacefully one night having looked into my eyes and said her goodbye. She was 15. Unless you've been through this it is so easy to talk of lack of quality of life and selfishness. Give your dogs a chance, please.
Hugs to you all.

We had Sydney seen at the vet's office last night...the news was not good. She classified his condition as severe. 😞 My husband came home devastated and I hate to see him like that. I had expected that was going to be her diagnosis, but to be honest, once I heard it and it sunk in, I definitely wasn't ready to deal with it. We spent most of the evening off and on in tears. We are going to give him the meds for a little bit, but no one is expecting any improvements, but at least we can say we tried. Our plan is to give our boy all of his favorites over the next several weeks and just love him to pieces as best we can. Thank you all for your opinions and support, they are greatly appreciated!

Don't overdue the treats - just the love. And remember the huge amount of love you give by letting him go with dignity.

Hugs from here too

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My thoughts are with you. This is never an easy time, but one that comes to us all if we have animals that share our lives.

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